The aurora fang was a technique that essentially used all his energy for a two-hit super combo that could pierce any standing defense. The problem was that the output was so vast and uncontrollable that the shock of hitting the target (though not 1/100 as bad as the shock of the target) totally disorientating, and hurts the arm something fierce. You only get one shot. It has to be timed just right, so that the opponent doesn’t have time to dodge. The user slices into opponent's block with a fearsome uppercut, forming a red energy wave like a hooked fang that knocks opponent backward and off-balance. Then their other fist lights up like an ambulance light, as they finish the technique. The right fist forms a red energy lance like a spear that smashes directly into opponent's solar plexus, denying them any chance to recover from the first stage of the heavy combo.

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