Akari Unryu


Maebashi, Japan




10.09.2006 (est)




5'6" (167cm)




110 lbs (49.9kg)






Black/Brown (pink streak)

Prior to abduction and harvesting, A. Unryu was a student at Ota Academy; grades were average, placement in national exams average. Between 2004 and 2005, deteriorating health of surviving family member (grandfather: S. Unryu.) prompted her to travel across country to make marriage arrangements. Pertinently, this involved searching for a 'martial artist' able to defeat one of her family's trained animals. At the time of her meeting and engagement to Lt. R. Hibiki (Seiran: CT India) this animal "Katsunishiki" weighed approximately 3000 lbs (1360kg).

In addition to normal pig breeding, the Unryu family also engaged in development of animals for the unrecognized sport of "non-human sumo." Intel believes that it was this activity that drew the attention first of alien scouts and researchers, who engaged first in typical cattle mutilation, and later outright Harvest. Other farms in the area have been victimized, but not attacked outright.

A detailed overview of Unryu Genetic Manipulation and Selective Breeding is included in Appendix (A). Very little was recovered from the Unryu Farm post-abduction; all notes were archived by hand and virtually all biological samples were taken or destroyed. Preliminary studies indicate that Unryu family members were able to psionically manipulate the development of their animals to increase selection pressures and promote beneficial mutations. Allegedly, A. Unryu was extremely adept at this.

Recovered biological samples (of the original) indicate a high probability that A. Unryu was included in the alien Trenchard Production Effort, whereby certain individuals are harvested for their abilities or unique skills. As such, it is likely that both her knowledge and her genetic makeup are part of the Gestalt Mind and the possibility exists that effort may be made to create a hybrid version of her (either Sectoid or Ethereal) to better utilize her talents. If encountered in the field; recommend capture and containment as high priority.