A race of amphibious beings resembling humans, but with fish-like skin, gill slits, webbed digits, and various fin projecting off their bodies. On average atlantians are about 6’6 tall and weigh about as much as normal humans, but bodies have an internal pressure-equalization systems that allows them to endure pressures encountered as far as two miles beneath the ocean’s surface. The cortal fins on the forearms and upper arms can be sharpened to be used as close-quarters weapons. Despite their aquatic appearance and gills, atlantians usually live as air breathers. However the ambient humidity of atlantis is in excess of 90%, and the temperature generally stays around 90-103F. atlantians can manage existing in standard surface conditions, anywhere from tropics to the central temperature zones. So long as the temperature is 70F or warmer and the humidity equals or exceeds 50%, they can survive with only minimal discomfort at worst. However any further extremes of cold and/or aridness can prove disabling or even fatal.

Fluid dynamicsEdit

Being aware of ones entire environment like a shark sensing motion in the water are a unique trait to Atlantian people.