The Magami are an ancient clan known for their intense knowledge and aptitude in various weaponry fields both in their creation and use.

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Origins Edit

Hundreds of years ago, there existed a premier and highly respected blacksmith by the name of Taihen Magami. He was widely regarded as a troublemaker and a sly fox. Furthermore, he had an easygoing and laid-back demeanor. He often carried a guitar and sang in a somewhat comical manner. He possessed a large number of talents and a notable compassion for weapons-craft. Among those talents was an inherent prowess for combat and a mastery over all the weapon forms, which he developed from constant battles and self-practice. When coupled with his advanced knowledge over the weapon forms and its flaws, Taihen was a force to be reckoned with, especially when his weapons were highly sought after.

Over his lifetime, Taihen crafted dozens of weapons endowed with great and endearing powers, so much so that legend says that several had to be sealed for their destructive potential, especially if placed in the wrong hands. It is said throughout his life time Taihen took on only one student Muramasa Sengo. This individual used similar forms during Taihen's youth. This factor had exclusively piqued his interest long enough for the blacksmith to offer his revered tutelage. Taihen eventually passed peacefully away in his sleep, leaving all his knowledge to his children.

Till the Current DateEdit

After his death, Taihen's works had dire consequences in the long run. The Magami clans' livelihood has always been to serve as mercenaries or farmers. They have played a critical role in the many wars throughout history both civil and world wide. The main goal of the Magami clan is to forge the perfect weapon. As time went on and technological advancements were made each new generation incorporated them as well seeking knowledge of anything that can be seen as a weapon and all categories (chemical, biological, melee, arms) and have remained highly secretive about their knowledge.

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Weapon MastersEdit

The Magami clan has remarkable mastery of all forms of weapon combat, earning them the title of "The Prodigies of Sword and Masters of all Weaponry". The Magami style is a flowingly fast and powerful combat style that teaches weapons use by principle, not by type. Extensive training is given to create strength, suppleness and dexterity in the practitioner, so that he may attack and defend fluidly and quickly. This enables Magami stylists to effectively fight with a wide range of weapons, even with dull utensils such as sticks; their attacks have shown lethal might behind them. Mastery of the Magami style improves one’s ability to improvise weapons and (more commonly) predict weapon usage by opponents. The Magami can turn virtually any material into a weapon. Thanks to discovering the secrets of steel they are able to instantly reach the highest level of swordsmanship, “Communicating with the Sword.”

The Sacred BlacksmithEdit

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi c551 - 004
Within Japan, and most other parts of the World, the quality and expertise of Magami weapons are unsurpassed. Members of the Magami clan are exceptional forgers of metal and weapons. Having made many swords, including that holds "the secrets of steel", they prove their mastery in this art. The weapons made by him are so flawless and durable that most weapon users would do anything to get their hands on them however they are almost never available on the open market. The Magami seem to understand and have mastered all the complex forms of metal working, able to make protective gear using the same method for making blades. They also understand multiple other forms of metal working, able to produce similar results for any necessary gear. Their knowledge of metal and the refinement of it make them a highly desired war tool as even the most advanced science for metal forging prove obsolete compared to the Magami's skill despite this the clan kept their secrets to themselves.

Throughout history the Magami have proven themselves to be incredibly intelligent though much of their intellect is seen in scientific inventions, deduction of situations, and combat tactics.

The ultimate goal of the Magami clan is to build the perfect weapon to this end they have gathered and developed numerous techniques to perfect their skill. They sought knowledge of anything that could be seen as a weapon. As time went on and technological advancements were made (chemical, biological, melee, arms, ect) they incorporated and adapted them into their technique. Using this knowledge the Magami clan have created a number of devices and techniques to aid them in battle or otherwise. Each new generation is required to advance the technique of the clan even further.

Secrets of SteelEdit

“A sword is the guardian of my heart and my soul. By opening my heart and listening to the sound of the sword and act as its master then we can claim ourselves as true samurai”

Communicating with the sword
This is the natural progression of being able to wield a weapon as if it were an extension of oneself. Communicating with their weapon means that a wielder knows their weapon’s spirit very closely and vice versa. The connection is very deep, though in the beginning the connection is one sided with the wielder being unable to fully hear the spirit communicating with them. The spirit of the weapon is both a reflection of a wielder's soul and power, and a sentient being unto itself. The samurai uses their weapon in battle as a reflection of their heart. When released, they can display a vibrant power, and shine as brightly as the lupus star. They are one with the samurai, and they share a samurai's conviction. Communicating with a weapon can only be done if the weapon is within the samurai’s grasp for quite some time. A new weapon or one that be longs to another warrior cannot be communicated with. This link is also permanent as a samurai is able to talk to their weapon no matter how long its been since they’ve wielded it.

Taihen integrated this into his swordsmithing technique which is why his weapons were so powerful as he was able to craft them with any ability that was within his power to grant by slowly and methodically imprinting the essence of his soul into the metal as the blade is forged. Members of the Magami clan are able to hear the "voices" of blades allowing them to lock/unlock powers in the blades as they see fit.

Thanks to unlocking the Secrets of Steel even very different metals like lead and aluminum can be combined through its use the Magami clan are able to alter metal giving it new forms and proprieties. They are able to produce almost any kind of weapon that they can imagine, simply adding parts or changing them, altering already dangerous weapons into more destructive ones, creating new weapons, new ways of destroying bodies.


Taihen Magami is based off of Julian from Samurai Deeper Kyo

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