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Reflections Lost on a Dark Road is written by Lathis and Justin S. Wagner and began online publication on February 17th, 2011. It currently stands incomplete at 47 chapters and one interlude, the most recent of which was published on December 26th, 2012.[2

Description[edit | edit source]

A botched mission sends the cast of Lathis' "Teen Titans and the Lost Boy" across a dimensional boundary and into a parallel world; on that world, the XCOM Earth, the cast of "The Road to Cydonia" suddenly have more than just the Alien War on their hands.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Nigh on two months have passed since Ryouga freed Terra from her stone prison, restoring the Titans to their full number after long last. The reunion has been anything but quiet, though, with deception and disaster tearing the team apart just as quickly as it came back together. With Robin and the original Titans drawn to Tamaran for Starfire's 'wedding', it fell to Ryouga, Terra - as well as some unexpected help from unexpected friends - to avert disaster in the underwater city of Atlantis. Everyone is back together again, now, and taking a well deserved breather from their adventures. But as unseen forces manipulate from the shadows, and disaster looms from both without and within, their tenuous peace is doomed to be shattered… and sooner than they expect.

It has been five months since the inclusion of the Nerima Crew into UNETCO as the war between X-Com and the alien visitors enters its seventh year. Despite the destruction of Earth's last alien refuge and the annihilation of the conspiratorial Sirius Group, the organization has been hit hard by Cydonian reprisals, and stretched thin by increasing commitments in the Far East to counter abductions of martial artists and the psionically gifted. Even as the buildup culminates for the last great push against Mars itself, distractions and complications continue to arise within the ever present specter of alien terror.

An accident at STAR Labs has hurled half the Teen Titans roster across the multiversal barrier and onto a strange world with no metas, no superheroes and no supervillians. There, the UNETCO organization, also known as X-COM, fights against an insidious and merciless alien enemy. The dimensionally displaced Teen Titans have finally been reunited. Determined not to sit on the sidelines, the four young men and women: Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, and their universe's Ryouga Hibiki have been brought together into a special 'embedded observer' team designated CT:Yankee.

Displaced in the Russian Far East, far from any of the other Titans, Jinx had the misfortune of falling into the hands of the alien Visitors. Yet when one of the alien-human hybrids became hexxed by her power, damage to its brain tissue disconnected it from the Cydonian Mind and allowed it to remember who it had once been: Akari Unryu. Together, the two unlikely allies escaped into the forest and made for civilization, forging a close friendship during the difficult trek to safety. However, the same power that freed Akari was also killing her, and together with wounds taken during their escape, she hung on just long enough to reunite with her world's Ryouga Hibiki. Fulfilling her request to let her die, he destroyed the alien donor tissue that was to be used to revive her. Now the Titans, as Yankee Squad, are called to battle, with Akari's life on the line, succeeding in bringing back the replacement brain of the Ethereal, Whisper.

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