Shindara Fierce Iron Style is a style based off of Shindara the heavenly general associated with the Tiger in the Chinese zodiac. It is envied and coveted by many masters and elites, most notably the former alliance chief.

Overview Edit

Shindara Rettetsu Ryuu causes the natural flow of the Ki to flow in reverse and signifies the moment when one surpasses the limits of the consciousness and the ubconsciousness, the enemy & the self, and becomes the purest "Mu" (Fighting Spirit). To do this technique you must have your limiters removed through needles, surgery or acupuncture. After having your limiters removed you begin a meditation state called Tentai Jisshi(天体実施, japanese for Celestial Embodiment). Once in this state you can begin to see your own ki flow as you force your soul out of your body. You then start to adjust your ki flow so it moves faster and then when you are ready reverse your whole ki flow. If you fail an attempt your ki fluctuates for a day and you can't use any ki based attacks for a short period of time. Only certain beings can use this technique as you must have a means of breaking your meridian limit. Once you have mastered the state you go through several stages before your subconscious becomes synchronized with your body:

Steps to full Shindara Rettetsu Ryuu Edit

  1. Limitless Ki: Once you use Shindara Rettetsu Ryuu, your ki seems unlimited. This is due to the fact that when your ki cycles your body it releases some naturally, but when reversed it directly absorbs ki from the air and through the skin cells.
  2. Pseudo State: The 'Pseudo State' is where the subconscious partially takes over the body but you can still stop yourself from doing certain actions out of safety. Your body defends on instinct but doesn’t attack on it.
  3. Ki Leakage: The 3rd stage is when your ki begins to leak, it gives you a small glow around your body but can grow into visible flames, or small flashes of light that emit from your body.
  4. Animalistic Nature: About a day after training while your ki leaks your nature changes when using Shindara Rettetsu Ryuu as your subconscious takes even more control, you mistake your friends for foes and think of anything as a threat, this is the most dangerous step of the Shindara Rettetsu Ryuu as you have a huge chance of killing a loved one.
  5. Full Conscious Switching: Your subconscious switches with your conscious totally so you are left in your inner world and you can see yourself by looking out as if you are looking out of a large pair of eyes. You feel no wounds from your body but after the technique finishes you can come out with broken bones and torn muscles. You heal quicker than normal due to the meridians been enlarged.
  6. Full Control: After meditation and patience you will be able to use the Shindara Rettetsu Ryuu fully while merging both instinct with tactical thought. You think about decisions but still maintain the enhanced body strength and awareness.


There is a method of forcing someone to undertake the process of Shindara Rettetsu Ryuu by tying them up with fish sausages and tossing them into a pit of hungry cats. This gives the user a burst of power similar to the animalistic stage of Shindara Rettetsu Ryuu by imprinting the fighting movements and instincts of cats into Ranma's mind. However this causes an uncontrollable fear of cats and the power is merely a defense mechanism to escape that fear.

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