Hyper Police v6 p087
The ability to draw upon and channel the force of the universal medium the element that breaks down mountains and flows without containment. This style absorbs everything and overcomes by flowing around an opposing force. Its motions are fluid, passive aggressive user allows opponent to attack, to commit themselves, to rush headlong into danger. Water is the Universal Solvent; it is incompressible, irresistible and unfathomable to the understanding of mortals. It absorbs everything without changing its substance. Strike a pool a thousand times and it will always return to the same form. The same is true with masters of this style. Strike them a thousand times and it will make no distance. In addition not everything is the style is real, mere illusions that user conserve their powers and only use half the energy they appear to be using. The strongest aspect of this art is the fact that water is the medium by which energy is absorbed and dissipated. User is able to catch the energy in their palms and absorb it.

Water is not only the essence of carbon-based life; it comprises nearly eighty percent of the body with only a few chemicals and electrolytes holding the package together. Separate these molecule chains into their component constituent molecular packets and you gain control over the fluidity of your body. Knowing this can allow you to retain your form and resist compression no matter what force is applied against you which is the essence of the style.

Hyper Police v8 p087
As one might guess training for this style is extremely demanding. The trainee has weights tied to their ankles as they train in a body of water causing them to sink against the natural buoyancy of the human body. They must open themselves to the element of water and stay relaxed. They must resist the impulse to flee to the surface they musn’t try and force themselves, instead they must work with the element and not worry so much about speed. Rather feel the waves flowing around their body and yield to them. This is meant to enhance the fluidity of movement. It's not a question of force alone. A dolphin moves rapidly underwater because its skin is resilient and closely linked to the central nervous system so that every muscle beneath its hide reacts in accordance to the perceived degree of pressure with which it is making contact. Once mastered the body now has zero friction and viscosity and can move like lightning without drag or inertia. This has the added effect of increasing its resistance to various forms of kinetic energy as applied against it so that it can take far more punishment than normal without suffering actual physical harm, for the force flows equally throughout it and intensifies in reaction to the added pressure

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