A Corealis trap is rather easy to get into, hard as hell to break out of, mainly because it turns your own power against you. Wizards use them to snare really powerful beings when we want to make them tractable. Even gods would have a problem escaping one of these without some help from the outside

It works to direct all outward energy in a circle radiating out from the center no matter how much force you use it cannot break free from the net. It’s a wonderfully practical way of holding a being of vast power in place only someone who is utterly at peace within themselves can escape the hold of such a prison. Pure satori the holistic integration of mind and body, being at one with your center and all that philosophical talk that zen priest like to go on about.

A prison of this nature uses a person’s own desires against them, trapping you with your own emotions which intensify the field and increase the power of the web that holds us in place.