Drag Slave or Dragon Slave (Japanese: 竜破斬, Kanji translation: Dragon Rend Kill, Romaji: doragu sureibu; formerly ドラゴン・スレイヤー Dragon Slayer) is a black magic spell that calls upon the power of Ruby Eye Shabranigdu. According to Hajime Kanzaka in the afterword of Slayers Special 28, the official romanization of the spell should be Drag Slave, in accordance with the romaji, however this is rarely used, the form Dragon Slave being the most widespread even among japanese fans. Interestingly, the creators of the anime use a third form, Drug Slave on one of the promotional posters of Slayers TRY.

This spell is known to be the strongest black magic spell normally castable by a human without amplifying his or her bucket capacity; one shot can level a mountain or even a small city. When used in combination with the Demon's Blood Talismans, the spell's power can potentially decimate a city the size of Saillune. It is also highly effective against astral beings such as mazoku. It is advisable for the caster to put some distance between herself and the target, as she can be easily caught in the explosion as well. When using the Dragon Slave at close range is unavoidable, the caster usually puts up a strong barrier beforehand, which still may or may not be enough.

The spell was invented by Lei Magnus, who originally called it Dragon Slayer. However, over the ages, the name of the spell was corrupted to its present form.


Darkness beyond twilight..."

"Crimson beyond blood that flows..."

"Buried in the flow of time, is where your power grows..."

I pledge myself to conquer all those who stand..."

"Against the mighty gift bestowed in my unworthy hand..."

"Let the fools who stand against us be destroyed by the power you and I possess... DRAGON SLAVE!"