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Eijiro Kirishima is a member of the Kung Fu Club

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Eijiro is a muscular young man of average height and a rather impressive physique for his young age. He has red eyes that are pointed slightly inwards and a small scar just above his right eye. He also has small eyebrows and very pointed teeth. His hair is reasonably short, dyed a bright red, and spiked away from his head at all angles with gel, two more pronounced tufts spiked on either side of his forehead like little horns. This lofty style takes a full three minutes to set.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Eijiro is a boisterous and outgoing guy with a fondness for the concept of manliness, often using the terms "manly" and "unmanly" to describe things and people he does or doesn't like, respectively. Those who showcase a noble, brave, and/or determined attitude tend to emotionally move him to tears, quickly earning his complete admiration, respect, and friendship. Similarly, he will call out traits that are the opposite of that, such as cowardice and dirty play. Eijiro himself is determined and selfless, bravely putting the safety of others before himself. He is also a big fan of Crimson Riot, a sentai show that he takes inspiration from, including personal values.

Eijiro is very honest and kind-hearted, having a straightforward way of thinking and following a specific code of chivalry that motivates him to live without regret. Thanks to his respectful and encouraging attitude, he's easily capable of making friends with most people he encounters, particularly those that show as much passion and resolve as he does. Loyal and dedicated to his friends, Eijiro is willing to break laws and rules in order to help or save them, becoming regretful if he becomes unable to come for their aid. Eijiro has a strong sense of responsibility, sometimes being very hard on himself for any negative outcomes that befall him or his friends. As such, he's always thinking on how to further improve his own abilities and strengths, so as to not feel weak or burdensome to others.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Eijiro knows a technique called Kōkikō (硬気功; lit. Hard Qigong) a form of hard chi-manipulation to reinforce the body’s structural strength. He utilizes the technique in both defensive and offensive, allowing him to cause massive damage to his targets. It can also protect himself from forceful impacts. He demonstrated impressive feats such as withstanding multiple powerful attacks or seemingly fatal conditions, easily fixed a dislocated elbow joint, and is even capable of surviving falls from very high heights. Aside from increased defense, Hard Qigong also grants Eijiro offensive power as his ki surrounds his body, achieving the effect of hardening his flesh, increasing his physical strength and allowing him to cut enemies by grazing them..

One of the drawbacks to this technique is that there is a limit to how much damage the hardened skin can withstand, causing it to slowly dissipate, as Eijiro loses stamina. But, this weakness can be overcome by utilizing it sparingly and Eijiro shows he’s able to activate it at will. Furthermore, Kōkikō can be performed on the entire body if Eijiro’s body remain’s still, or when he is in a completely defenseless situation. While moving and dodging, it can only respond to one direction.

  • Red Counter: Eijiro endures a close-range attack with his skin and then counters with a straight punch.
  • Red Riot Unbreakable: Eijiro focuses all of his ki into fortifying his hardness to its maximum level turning his entire body extremely hard and rugged, giving him a monstrous appearance, and allowing him practical invulnerablility to most forms of physical attacks. This technique can only be maintained for around thirty to forty seconds.
  • Senkōha (穿孔破; lit. perforate and destroy): Also known as Fingers of Destruction. By applying the principle of Kōkikō technique to his fingertips, Eijiro greatly enhances his striking strength allowing him to easily pierce through hard surfaces.
    • Red Gauntlet: Eijiro rushes towards the enemy and delivers a single strong punch to the gut against them. This technique deals massive damage if Eijiro is in his "Red Riot Unbreakable" form.
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