They be an off-shoot of the genus Kobolds from the family of Imps of the sub-brach of the group who be related to the Goblins, who themselves be bad blood cousins to the Gnomes and Elves of Faerie.

Gremlins used to be despised as outcasts, counted for little by their peers before the Age of Industry brought them to prominence, at which point they began to showcase their most remarkable talents. Their minds have a preternatural grasp of the operations of all things mechanical, and the more moving parts the better. They have a propensity to take things apart in order to study them, then put them back together a truly wondrous gift with machines that unfortunately has tended to cause accidents when they don't quite get things right, though rarely have they plotted actual mischief, they have a sort of moth like attraction objects of a technological nature.

Notoriously impervious to detection spells to say nothing of being gifted with stealth and concealment abilities. Like all earth elementals they can mold the earth to their will. They are also impossibly acrobatic.


The daughter of thelandra, a ninja only smaller and more slender than a normal human build she has an almost feline face of elfin beauty beneath a shock of bristly hair that shimmers in the light of the room like an iridescent rainbow of colors a pair of eyes much larger than an ordinary girls and fingers that were closer in nature to raking talons. She as fleet as quicksilver and as difficult to nail as a wisp of smoke in the breeze, and has a fast-clipped chipmuck like speech.


She tends to be an elusive kid always hanging around in garbage dumps and junk yards, always pilfering bits of discarded technology which she takes back to her burrow and combines into all sorts of useful devices