Hadoken ('波動拳', hadoken, "Surge Fist") – A technique in which a character's willpower is utilized


to gather huge amounts of ambient energy around them and then focused into and through the palms creating a sphere of astounding destructive power. As the palms are thrust outwards towards the target, a surging energy (or ki) wave is expelled that results in a punching force traveling through the air. the entire area directly before user is engulfed in the fury of pure elemental life energy, power enough to melt an entire tank or reduce an army into rubble. The wave alone that this attack kicks up is enough to blow over signs from a hundred yards away.

There’s a huge drawback to the hadou, you have you remain clear of any emotion when using this technique The Ha Do normally brings in any energy around you, and that is what makes it unfocused and difficult to control especially in the mist of battle. When a fighter becomes so consumed with the desire to win that they are willing to kill the control they have over the hadou begins to weaver and starts to affect them. The untrained mind can be driven to a temporary insanity becoming a creature of evil no more in control of themselves then a rapid beast in human form. This is the Satsui no hado an incredibly dark and deadly force.

Mastering the ha do is done by to ways, the first is by being focused enough to never be effected by its


aspects the second is by aspect is by perfectly fusing and expunging those aspects until they no longer effect you. This is nearly impossible because as stated these aspects are like drugs. It takes an extremely focused mind to even change from dark to light let alone fusing and expunging them. The actual evolved form of hado is called the "Power of Nothingness". Once achieved user gains unimaginable power allowing them to seal away the dark hado.

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