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A heretical god expelled from its home multiverse into the Bleed because of his understanding of the ALQ. Over the eons, Heresiarch has been all but consumed by this dimension. Only whispers of it remain

Overview[edit | edit source]

Heresiarch is a mountain in the form of a man. There is very little stark topography within the inside of the dimensional hulk, as ships and captured meteors and other space debris have become worn down by endless storms and cycles of warping energy. Heresiarch, rises like a pyramid against the desert: a clearly artificial structure where they should be none.

At its base, Heresiarch stretched in a couch semi-circle, like a crucible: a massive prominence four kilometers high and nine kilometers wide along the face. An eon ago, the coal black surface may have been the body of a nickel-iron asteroid, partly hollowed out.

Within the prominence, appearing as if carved from the mountainside, was the at-first vague humanoid form. Legs stretched from the base and roots of the alien eminence, a fainter white than the surrounding mass, meeting in a seat at the center of the hollow. What may once have been boots or feet disappeared below the ankle into the all-consuming dimensional hulk below. Rising higher, kilometers higher, the outlines of fingers could be seen, grasping the sides of the outlines of fingers could be seen, grasping the sides of the mountain like a throne. Much of the rest of the body was indistinct, having sunken into the asteroid-mountain, but a barrel shaped head almost a half kilometer in height slumped forward in silent, eternal repose.

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