Karada Sodatsu
LN Vol 3 Illustration 11 Ikki using Ittou Rasetsu


体身体 躰 躯争奪


Body Struggle

Karada Sodatsu is an upgraded version of the Gouriki


Karada Sodatsu is based on the Jigen technique which is based on the first strike; user gives their all in the first blow and let the speed decide their fate. Gathering all force in the first strike and like chopping logs split the opponent in two. You do not defend, or think of a second blow. You put it all in the first. It is a one blow killing style. Karada Sodatsu spends the entire 1 minute of Gouriki into one attack, removing all normal body function allowing user to transcend Gouriki by multiple times. Karada Sodatsu is "exceeding limits beyond limits" as it increases the abilities of the user by a hundred-fold. The drawbacks are quite evident, however as it is based off the Jigen for a reason. Also, the burden to the body is immense and unlike Gouriki no amount of training can overcome the sequence of this technique


Inspired by Ittou Rasetsu from Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan.

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