Background[edit | edit source]

Kodachi is the daughter of Matteo and Shuten. It was thanks to the Grail that allowed it to be possible for Shuten to give birth to her. Since she was young, she had always shown to have interest in the art of killing others which made her different compared to other children around her age. Kodachi manage to convince both of her parents to train her in physical combat and magecraft.

At the age of twelve years old, she killed her first human when the person tried to kidnap her. Even though he begged for his life, she ended his life anyways. She considered the first kill to be an act of self-defense. Later the year, she continued to give the "I did it for self-defense" reasoning when she killed people.

The older she gets, the less she cares for trying to say the reason why she kill others. It had been her inversion impulses that gave her the tendency to kill especially mixed bloods, demons, and half-demons.

When she was 16 years old, a man that worked for the demon hunter organization decided to teach her some techniques to kill mixed blood. He saw the potential in her to do so and she had killed some mixed blood before. Under his wing, she learned and became skilled with some techniques that are similar to what the Nanya family uses.

By the time she was 23 years old, her number of the number of people and especially non-humans she's killed has far exceeded her age. Kodachi acted more as a freelancer but she does accept jobs from the Demon Hunter organization that occasionally have her kill a targeted mixed blood.

Her life was considered to be far from normal and she was mostly fine with that, however a small part of her did want to experience what it is like as normal person especially when it comes to love. Anyone that tried to love her would either will be afraid of killing tendencies or Kodachi just felt they're not up to her standard.

It all changed when one day on a job, she encountered the Saotome twins. Kodachi had killed the Mixed blood she was tasked with but the aftermath of the battle caused her to fall from the two story building that were fighting on. Ranmā, being the one who follows the chivalrous code, caught her even though she would have been fine without him doing so.

She viewed him as her "knight in shining armor." Not long afterward, she realized Ranmā has a twin sister named Ranma. She sees them as one soul split between two bodies due to her belief of Ibeji. She concluded that they're meant to be together and even said, "They're my true lovers! OHOHOHOHOH!" From that day on, she would use whatever means to make them her own.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kodachi could appeared to have different personalities to most people. It depends mostly on the situation and the people she is currently interacting with on which personality she is going to use. Kodachi is usually perceived as a calm, collected, and elegant young lady although that only applies to times that she feels like it.

She can also be quite boisterous and outlandish at times. For example in most social gatherings like parties or meetings, she would make an effort to make a dramatic entrance and leave that is regularly accompanied by a small stream of black rose petals billowing about her, complemented by a shrill, maniacal cackle that is one of her trademarks.

She has an unhealthy and psychotic obsession toward identical twins of different gender and the taboo nature of it due to her beliefs of Ibeji and warped mind of being a Mixed blood. Kodachi believes they're her true lovers. If she sees anybody else as her 'love rival,' she is willing to use unorthodox methods to give herself more of a chance to win their affection.

Kodachi is cold and merciless toward non-humans except maybe for her family that she came across. Her inversion impulses caused her to have a strong tendency to kill them. It will take some efforts for her to suppress those tendencies but Kodachi only does so if she feels she is losing the battle against them.

Relationship[edit | edit source]

The Saotome Twins[edit | edit source]

Her psychotic and unhealthy obsession. Her belief made her see them as a single soul in two bodies. She believes they are her true lovers. Even if she is aware they don't love her back, she simply refuses to let that get in her way. She thinks they will eventually give in if she continues to make an effort.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Magecraft[edit | edit source]

Kodachi practices Vodun magecraft which allows her to use spiritual evocation and nature spirit manipulation including some aspects of Shamanism. When she practices Vodun, it is necessary for her to use some sacrifices typically animals’ blood in order to perform a ritual that will allow her to summon lesser nature spirits in order to aid her.

She is skilled with botany magecraft especially when it comes to black roses, where she found a fascination toward their beauty. Although black rose doesn’t really exist in nature, it is specifically cultivated to the Vodun magecraft she practiced. She used alternation in order to cause the roses to be capable of being used in combat. She can grow powerful roses that can be strong enough to smash through brick walls through the use of high level of jewel magecraft, one of the specialities of the D’ Amore family.

The thorns and spores can induce paralysis upon her enemies that are strong enough to affect the likes of mixed blood. The rose she has on the person can be used as throwing knives. It can be extended to be several meters long and be hard as steel.

Mixed blood abilities[edit | edit source]

Born as a mixed blood, she was gifted with physical abilities that surpasses normal humans. She pushed herself further in training her physical abilities over the years that she can almost be considered as strong as a half blood. She also trained herself in gymnastics which makes her incredibly agile and flexible.

In return for her great physical abilities, she suffers from Inversion Impulses. Her inversion impulses are what gives her the strong tendencies to kill especially mixed bloods, half-demons, and demons. She is able to sense who is a non-human especially mixed bloods if she came across one.

Demon Hunter Techniques[edit | edit source]

She was trained as a demon hunter that learned styles and techniques similar to the Nanya family. One of the style that she had learned was her be capable of attacking vital spots on the body in rapid succession in a single breath. Another technique that Kodachi can use was using some aspects from Shukuchi that allows her to suppress her presence similar to boundary sphere but obviously not on the same level as one. She utilizes walking and breathing, blind spots, body movement, etc. to seemingly appear beside the target without them noticing.

Mystic Eyes of Life Perception[edit | edit source]

It's a pair of Mystic Eyes that Kodachi was not born with rather than developed by floating to the boundary of death. The eyes are of Rainbow rank due to their nature. She gained mystic eyes that can perceive the opposite of death, life and so she can end it. The lifeline of things that are alive are seen similar yet different than what Roa possessing SHIKI Tohno can see. Based on her perception of the world, coming from her thaumaturgy, in gross she sees everything that has a spirit or soul as alive. A body with no soul is not alive while a human is for example.

Thus through her perception she sees life in anything that has a spirit, objects humans and even Elementals although that's entirely different. The life line she sees are basically how to destroy a soul and coincidentally harming the body. Similar to Roa she sees how to end life but to a higher degree as she aims to directly cut into the soul itself. Against being like Elementals, she can't clearly comprehend what she is seeing, making it more dangerous although she could end them with extreme effort. She can in some way, kill some magecraft, those that brings life, for example, a reanimated body by necromancy can be stopped from moving thanks to her eyes. And a wraith is just a soul without a body to her.

Equipments[edit | edit source]

Kodachi[edit | edit source]

A decently, nameless well-crafted short tachi sword that is usually kept hidden even when she carried it with her. It is a weapon of high durability and maximum endurance due to being made from carbon steel. She normally used it to kill off others in close combat with her mystic eyes activated.

Gymnastic ribbon[edit | edit source]

A mystic code in form a gymnastic ribbon that she used alternation on to the point the ribbon is capable of cutting through steel. It is coated with paralyzingly powder that is capable of affecting mixed bloods. It also somehow produces black rose petals when she twirls it.

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