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Koyū Jiseigyo (固有時制御, Innate Time Control) involves retracing your step through the intricacies of space and time so as to reverse a situation that might otherwise prove too sticky.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The technique uses chi to create pockets of space just below the fabric of our reality and then manipulates the dimensional energy to achieve a vast variety of feats. Within these dimensional barriers user can control the flow of time as he likes. Koyū Jiseigyo generates a barrier and then rearranges the past within it, user can rearrange both people and objects able to change the outcome of the battle such as escaping from harm. With enough skill Koyū Jiseigyo can also be linked to user’s sixth sense allowing it to be activated both unconsciously and consciously.

These barriers are in actuality a narrow space in time. The principle is similar to a flip book, a series of pictures on the edges of a stack of papers, the pictures move when someone flips the papers. Now, think of time as the same thing. In other words the dimensional barriers this technique generates are simply in the margin between two pages. In other words user can control the flow of time as they like. Depending on your skills these dimensional barriers can range from the tiny to the massive.

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