a living spell. Magends are generally bound to the first minds that touch theirs, normally through physical contact. By default this is usually their creators. While all magends are loyal to their masters, they still vary in temperament.



Platinus is a magend, Platinus is rambunctious, to say the least. Obsessed with molesting Fauntleroy at every opportunity, often to the point of ignoring his orders in fact she seems oversexed in general as sge was distracted at a key point in battle by the physique of gia. For this reason Fauntleroy prefers to keep her in null form, in which she can cause the least amount of mischief.

Like most magends platinus has three primary forms.

null form

Resembles a small silvery quadrupedal animal with somewhat mammal-like features and body structure though its forelimbs are a bit closer to human arms than those of normal quadrupeds. Platinus can still move and take a limited amount of independent action in this form but she does not have access to any real physical power or magical ability.

Material form

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Manifested as an incredibly tough reflective suit of armor. The armor’s effectiveness rivals that of even the strongest platinum dragons and greatly reduces the effects of harmful radiation and energy additionally platinus’s muscles are under the wearer’s every command adding to his strength and speed.

Ether form

In ether form platinus becomes a nearly impenetrable spell shield. However in ethereal form platinus has free rein over fauntleroy’s ticklish and relatively vulnerable aura


As a living spell of far lesser strength than a magend, he can only exercise a limited effect on physical objects


Null form

A vaguely cat like creature about 4’ from head to tail with pale purple and white fur, flat orange eyes and a thick tapering tail more like a lizards in shape. Gaeo can still move and take a limited amount of action in this form but she does not have access to any real physical power or magical ability

Material form

Resemble a half feline humanoid female about 20’ tall with pale purple and white fur long orange hair pronounced claws on paw like hands and feet and a dinosaur like prehensile tail. In this form gaeo is incredibly fast and strong more than a match for most opponents this form is also able to cast dire warp.

Ethereal form

This appears as an outline of an enourmous panther-like beast made of blue-white energy

Gaeo requires a certain level of energy provided by t’mat to remain in this form if that energy is cut off gaeo is forced into her material form

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