Mikumo Kushinada
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Yami (Unarmed Division)

One Shadow Nine Fists






December 24


179 cm


That's not something you ask a maiden.


The Bewitching Fist


Martial Art

Jujutsu (Specializes in Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu)


Takeda Sokaku


Chikage Kushinada


Shō Kanō


Advance Grand Master

Mikumo Kushinada (櫛灘美雲, Kushinada Mikumo) is the Jujutsu Master as well as the Bewitching Fist of Yami's One Shadow, Nine Fists, the Master and also foster mother of Chikage Kushinada.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Mikumo is a curvaceous and very well-endowed woman who appears to be in her mid 20's. She has long waist length black hair, wears an open Kimono to show off her bosom and usually wears a wooded bead necklace around her neck. In her youth, her hair was shorter, down to her chin and she was slightly shorter.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Mikumo is one of the most emotionless and serious members of Yami shown. She rarely shows any emotions other than surprise and always keeps a melancholy face. She believes keeping emotions in control is important for battle and that losing one's temper will dull one's skills. With Chikage, whom Mikumo treats very well, more so than any other member of Yomi (aside from Sho), possibly because she's her disciple and seems to treat her as her own daughter. However, her relationship with Chikage at times is not as maternal as it would appear, as Mikumo is more focused on turning Chikage into a ruthless killing machine rather than as a person. After she personally witnessed Chikage crying over having hurt () and (), Mikumo knocked her out and attempted to brainwash her into becoming a ruthless killer because she wanted to "break" her. She was also very angry when Chikage abandoned their plan to help the pride of their masters rather than kill the Shinpaku Alliance, even going as far as to leave fighting the Anything Goes masters just to stop her. She seems to be fond of meditating, as she tends to meditate when she has free time.

In battle, she is very ruthless, showing little to no mercy even to a fellow Yami member. However, she does have some honor, agreeing to a 1-on-1 fight with either () or (). She has a habit of referring to others, regardless how old they are, as brats.

Mikumo also has little to no sense of comradeship, as when () joined the side of Anything Goes, she had no qualms in viewing him as a traitor and brutally murdering him just to prove a point.

Despite being one of the most powerful masters in the series, she has no problem using petty tactics. Mikumo holds the belief that empathy is weakness and that the strong do not let their heart be shaken by the weak. She used this to her advantage to make () fight more ruthlessly against Kenichi. However, she acts oddly feminine when she recounts her past adventures.

History[edit | edit source]

Mikumo was Takeda Sokaku’s greatest disciple. She has some history with Happosai claiming that his human battle aura technique was stolen from her. It is currently unknown what turned her to the path of Yami, but it has been heavily implied that it happened after seeing the aftermath of the previous Eternal Setting Sun. At some point, she took in and started training Chikage Kushinada as she is the youngest High Class Disciple. Like the other members, she participated in the joint training of Sho Kano, as the sole successor of Yami.

Skills[edit | edit source]

She is undeniably one of the strongest masters of Yami and even the One Shadow Nine Fists. She is able to engage in a battle against both Akane and Shigure simultaneously and neither Sakaki or Shigure were able to land any hits on her. She could easily pin-down Shigure with virtually no effort in a one on one fight and finished while sustaining only one cut on her clothes and even then the attack was only successful because she was momentarily distracted.

  • Master Judoka: Mikumo is a master of Aiki one of the three main methods of directing power. instead of raw physical strength It is a gentle strength which comes out after training continuously for a long time. It is also known as a kind of invisible power. It is the system of yielding and flowing together with external sources of energy. Everything in the world has its own flow, including living beings, and Mikumo is capable of entering these flows through Aiki. When mind, body, and spirit are heightened to greater levels and are properly focused together, the martial artist can almost effortlessly slip into the flows of others, even opponents, in order to either maintain a nigh impenetrable defense or to deal a strike that completely disturbs the flow of the enemy. Mikumo skill makes her capable of performing various feats with the principles of Aiki that go beyond the realm of mundane reasoning.
  • Impeded Aging: She is the oldest members of Yami In a similar vein as Cologne and Happosai her aging is greatly reduced due to her training so is far older than she appears,.
  • Immense Speed: She was shown to be able to "run" on the water at rapid speeds with ease. She was shown to be able to simultaneously fight both Akane and Shigure at the same time and outmanuneuver both of them with her speed alone. She is fast enough to make multiple clones of herself and send each clone to fight multiple opponents in her place. He speed is so great is that she's capable of both dodging without injuring herself in the process whereas none of the masters were capable of landing a blow on her. She was shown to be fast enough to escape Happosai’s "evil hands".
  • Immense Agility: Mikumo has proven to be an incredibly agile and flexible fighter.

Immense Ki: Mikumo has shown to have a massive amount of Ki to the point where it took on the shape of a larger version of herself. Her ki was shown to be capable of affecting the weather around her, and inspired fear within non martial-artists despite being far away and not being able to truly sense it.

Notes[edit | edit source]

I added elements from Sagami Kogi from the manga Kenji to her character.

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