Natsuo Ishidō (石堂 夏央 Ishidō Natsuo) is the captain of the budding MMA club. She is naturally talented at everything she does. Having lived with this ability her whole life, she cannot understand why other people cannot do things which she can do.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Natsuo is 182 cm (or 5' 11) tall, unusual for a Japanese woman, especially one her age.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Natsuo's natural talent has given her a condescending attitude against her opponents, who she goads and teases during their match and after Natsuo's inevitable victory. She is ruthless when fighting, whether or not the fight is a serious one. Natsuo believes that people with the ability to be the best without even trying have the hardest time, since they don't have anyone to bond with and their whole life is one big competition. She is lonely and yearns for someone who can defeat her and give her something to actually work for. However, she doesn't voice her loneliness. Natsuo seems to fear her brother.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Natsuo is best known for his natural talent in any aspect of combat. As a street fighter she is actually on par to what Akane was at her age. Unfortunately this means that she doesn’t really measure up to the skill and conditioning of the higher tier marital artist in Nerima. Yuzuko was able to defeat her with ridiculous ease with Natsuo being able to distract her for a second with a loafer.

This is why she started training in MMA as her stubbornness refused to allow her to join the Anything Goes Dojo. MMA is the first sport she's encountered she actually has to work at, and despite her innate talent she's still a small fry with lots of hard work and disappointment ahead of her if she wants to excel at it. And she loves it.

History[edit | edit source]

As a child, Natsuo looked up to her brother and held him dear to her. She had showed her talent when she had done the move her brother had been working so hard to replicate with ease. This was just the beginning of where her and her brother started to drift apart. She joins the karate club with sanae to be able to defend herself. She then asks her brother to join the club with her to which he agrees and joins. Some time later he is shown getting beat up by sanae and meets eye contact with a quivering Natsuo. He then quits the karate club.

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