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Nemuri Kayama (香(か)山(やま)睡(ねむり) Kayama Nemuri) is the heir to the Kayama School of Martial Arts, which revolves around the idea of relating to people. She is also another one of the women promised to Ranma by his father Genma Saotome.

Nemuri's name contains the kanji for "fragrance" (香 ka), "mountain" (山 yama), and "sleep" (睡 nemuri).

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Nemuri is a tall, curvaceous woman with sky blue eyes, which tilt downwards in the center; framed by a set of rather long eyelashes. She has abundant spiky dark purple hair which is made up of layers of varying lengths, the longest ones reaching down below her waist. Her chin-length bangs that are split into three sections; two swept to the sides and one over her face, going diagonally down to the left between her eyes. She also has a small beauty mark below her left eye, as well as red-painted nails.

Personality[edit | edit source]

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Nemuri is a very playful and flirtatious person with an unpredictably serious and temperamental side to her. She gets angry whenever someone interrupts her or when they insult her. Nemuri seems to actively enjoy showing off her body, having no shame for dressing or acting sexually in front of others and appears to act on whims most of the time. Despite her flirtatious personality, Nemuri is intelligent, perceptive, and articulate.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Nemuri is the heir to and master of the Kayama School of Martial Arts, making her an expert in conflict resolution. She specializes in deduction and planning, as well as predicting others' decisions due to her extensive social and communication abilities, including a superior ability to read others nonverbally, as well as control her own nonverbal cues. Nemuri is seen as almost precognitive due to her abilities. She is also almost always able to rally people to her side no matter what's going on by exuding oxytocin and pheromones to increase her personal allure, persuasiveness. Therefore, her intelligence—which, on many occasions, has been noted to be almost godlike—is her greatest power.

Besides that, Nemuri has experience when it comes to melee combat, utilizing seductive and suggestive "stances", which, coupled with her already distractingly attractive appearance, results in a strike-grapple-and-counter style that robs her male opponents of any and all concentration. She is also skilled with the tessen, being able to deflect swords and counterattack as well as better spread her pheromones.

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