Nth Metal is a Thanagarian alloy imbued with the power of the godlike entity Ixthultu.

History Edit

Nth Metal was a material that was originally found on the planet Thanagar. As the first Thanagarian empire spread, their religion was noted to had touched the new worlds in their spheres of influence.

During the Rann-Thanagar war, the Seven Devils Cult placed a bounty to Khundian mercenaries for the acquisition of deposits of Nth Metal in outlying worlds.

Overview Edit

Nth Metal is a radioactive isotope of iron (atomic weight of 676) capable of controlling the fundamental forces of the universe. Many consider it a mystical element due to the abilities it possesses which was why it was used fashion statues of the Seven Devils of Thanagarian beliefs.

Nth Metal has several anti magical properties, as well as being hyperconductive and able to invert mesons and gravitons. Weapons made of Nth Metal can disrupt dimensional energies (including those of Undead, Daemons, Angels and any other extra-dimensional entities). Nth metal, if properly heat-treated and charged with ions, can be used to enhance warp-drive energies and can be used to create hyper-special technology as well as enhance EMP and Gravo-metric pulse weapons.

One of the lesser known abilities of Nth metal, is that it actually has a lot of beneficial physical effects. It's part of the reason that Thanagarians are so much stronger than humans as it makes them tougher and even grants low level regeneration.

Corrupted Nth Metal Edit

The Thanagarians discovered that not only does the effect of the Bleed is not limited to biological matter. The warping and corruption of base elements and materials is widespread. This causes the biogenic field the metal produces to become parasitic in nature. The 'impure Nth metal' consumes the body and soul causing all those effected to be reduced to brutal, unthinking zombies.