They resemble a cross between a night elf and a hunting bird, with long talons for feet and large graceful wings for arms. Legends claim that they are descend from a group of Salamander who betrayed Queen Latisha and were cursed as punishment. They possess much greater strength, speed and reflexes then a regular human being. Their super human abilities naturally include flight, a phoenix genetics allow their wings to support them and up to at least 300 lbs of cargo for up to several minutes. unencumbered by more than a few pounds of equipment they can fly for up to 4 hours before tiring appreciably so long as they don’t attempt excessive speeds, heights or maneuvers. They can reach speeds of up to 54 mph, though they lose significant maneuverability when traveling faster then 36 mph. they can also fly as high as 400’ before encountering insufficient oxygen. Vicious and territorial by nature, they are content to confine themselves to their ancestral home in the peaks of the Jusendo Mountains. The common echelons of phoenix society attack with spears or simply with their razor sharp talons. They are well used to the ways of divine magic and treachery. The more elite phoenixes tend to be experts in military strategy and are much more dangerous. Another innate but extremely difficult to master skill of the phoenix tribe is the ability to command great flocks of birds (possibly most efficiently with crows), to aid in battle/create distraction, perform tasks from a great distance, or gather information.




Artifacts and abilities


The Kinjakan is the sacred artifact of the phonix tribe. It acts as a sword and/or a boomerang when the tip is removed. It can cut through almost anything and also acts as the Jusendo spring's primary key.


a very powerful artefact/weapon of the Phoenix people, it acts as a spear which produced an icy cold touch based effect.

Thousand Wings of a Seabird

By flapping their wings very rapidly a phoenix can send out huge numbers of razor-sharp feathers, capable of effortlessly cutting through solid steel.


Ruler of the phoenix tribe. He uses the waters of jusenkyo to become an adult and provide heat and light for his people, but the process strangles the flow of the springs. He is selfish and territorial, and only cares for his own people. He tends to be cold and condescending even towards those who treat him with kindness and loyalty. Saffron possesses decent skill with the Kinjakan. While using his wings to fly, he has superb maneuverability, although his physical defenses against blunt impacts are very low, due to being pampered since birth. He's one of the characters with highest amount of raw power in the series, but he's very lacking in fighting prowess compared to the most experienced martial artists of his world.

Blazing Emperor's Wing

Saffron can rip off his wings and set them ablaze so he can throw them at his enemies like a buzz saw or a boomerang.


Saffron is capable of regrowing lost limbs, such as when Ranma cut off his wing and it instantly grew back. He continued to rip them off to use his Blazing Emperor's Wing attack. In conventional phoenix manner, he was reborn as a baby in an egg after Ranma managed to shatter his body beyond conventional repair. It is left uncertain how far this ability could be stretched, and if repeatedly destroying his helpless infant form would eventually wear him down.

Ho-ou no chi (Blood of the Phoenix) saffron has the ability to raise the Temperature of the oxygen particles in the surrounding environment. He can also cause Oxygen atoms to clash causing friction while rapidly increasing the temperature and at the same time igniting it. He is able to make fire out of thin air, with a large range as well. Being immune to fire and heat, he can walk straight through walls of fire unharmed. Even the clothes on his back, the weapons he wields, and the scrolls he packs are untouched due to his masterful control. With such abilities he can now mold the fire itself to take appearance of whatever he desires, such as a sword or a shield. He can transform and modify the shape of his sword or shield to do whatever he wishes. Whether it's changing the width to resemble a cleaver, or to change the length to be 10 feet long, all this applies to any fire within his range.

Hinoke Manipyureito

Heat manipulation this elementary technique is the very basis of any other technique used in Ho-ou no chi. This inherent ability that saffron possess allowing him to heat up the oxygen molecules around him. It also allows him to remove heat from one thing, and transfer it to another, for instance, removing heat from fire and placing it into a nearby log causing it to combust.

Taka Higyou

Falcon strike saffron combines Ho-ou no chi with his combat skills, he is able to convert his fire to the ends of his punches and kicks. In doing so he makes his attacks explosive, and much more effective,

Isogiashi Nenshou

Fast Burning saffron concentrates heat into a specific object or place. Essentially being able to create a very large amount of concentrated heat into one spot. This technique could easily burn a hole straight through a tree, or melt a metallic object.

Fenikkusu kurie-shon

Creations of the Phoenix

Saffron projects the melted oxygen molecules into a magnetic tube up to 1’ long to create an extremely powerful cutting weapon.

Metsuki Fenikkusu

Eyes of the Phoenix saffron can sense the presence of oxygenic particles around him, where they are, what they are doing and how they are affecting their environment. In doing so he can tell when a person is near by sensing the movements of the oxygen particles. Being able to distinct the difference between wind, moving air, and the movements of a person is easy for him. Like a seventh sense, he can tell the location of them without having to look for their ki signature.


Saffron's strongest attack. He creates a huge sphere of fire, light, and heat (approximately 10x larger than Ranma), and shoots it forward as a beam. The move is shown capable of almost incinerating 1-2 small mountaintops directly in its path. It is unknown if he could perform this move without wielding the Kinjakan.

Fire Ball and Fire Column

When Saffron was released from his rebirthing process, he gained an endless source of flaming energy which allows him to release large orbs of pure fire and the ability to create columns of fire as well. But since his rebirthing process was incomplete, he did not have full control of it.