"I am Reava! Fourth of the Furies! A Handmaiden of our Lord Darkseid!''



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History[edit | edit source]

A member of the original group of Female Furies, who was sent to seduce and control the Thanagarian Warlord, Kreiger Hol. Centuries ago when the Thanagarian were still young convinced of their power, their greatness... their innate superiority, Darkseid integrated his agents into their society, driving them to greater heights of conquest and destruction. Apokolips was well placed to influence events when they discovered that the Thanagarian had a piece of the Guardian's dimensional entity. The same one that had caused the disaster in sector fifty one thirty.


While Reava was initially met with suspicion they lacked the technical expertise to do little more than dabble in the theory of traveling outside of normal dimensional space. Thus using Apokolips the Thanagarian were able to create an engine to take them beyond the domains of even the Four Worlds.


The Thanagarians believed there would be easy conquests and glory to be had. While they drank and cavorted, Reava was to uncover the secrets beyond the universe. The secrets Beyond the Source Wall itself. Somehow they ended up in the Space Hulk Dimension and were immediately attacked by everything,. Weapons. Dead ships. Insane Machines, ect.


The Captain defended the ship. Fighter craft were launched. But... in doing so, they brought an even worse plague on themselves. The ship, and many of the fighter craft, passed through twists in space. Those who returned to the ship and those who encountered the twisted space were changed. They went mad, as did many of Reava’s own servants and agents on the ship. The Commander himself was among them and he rebuffed her. So she attempted to incite a rebellion among the lesser races below decks. She had hoped the bulk of the Thanagarians would be killed, but the lesser races were, sadly, as inferior as one would expect and not up to the task. They were massacred as were the technical-men brought from Apokolips.


Reava made one last attempt to either control or kill Kreiger, but the ship had descended to Urgrund itself. The Nth-metals the Thanagarians used in their weapons, even in some of their computers was tainted by Ixthultu himself. Reava was beaten. Kreiger chained her in her quarters to listen to the whispers of his  Dead God!


There she stayed until Starfire and Ryu who she initially mistook for agents of Granny Goodness happened upon her.



Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Powers[edit | edit source]

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Abilities[edit | edit source]

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