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In Konton Ketsueki there are levels of enlightenment; areas of our minds, bodies and souls that are waiting to be unlocked. We gain the keys as we grow and learn. Renewing Breath is a holistic integration of mind and body being at one with your center. The mind, spirit and emotions all integrate into synergy in which the individual is united with their own higher nature their spiritual reflection within the plane of the astral. It is a moving and powerful state of mind simply put one frames their self-conception that unites within them and in that moment one has the ability to literally remake themself into an entirely mental matrix. It is said that mastering Renewing Breath makes one capable of performing extremely powerful blows that can fell a fully grown dragon if properly executed.

At its most basic stage Renewing Breath eliminates the chances of anemia by absorbing the blood of another. The victim's blood is then interlaced with the user's own, rejuvenating their powers to a degree proportionate to the quality and quantity of blood absorbed. This can be done through absorbing a fellow Deadman’s attack, the blood spilt throughout battle, or even by absorbing the victims' blood through ones own. User pours their own essence into their victim and alter their flow of blood.  Also, because of all the blood he has assimilated, Ranma has an amount of blood way over the usual quantity at his disposal, making his "ammunitions" close to limitless, and rendering him very hard to kill through blood loss. Because of this, it is very likely that wounding Ranma will only increase his access to his weapon.


At advanced stages this technique can use the blood as a catalyst to absorb the victims life force drastically augmenting user’s physical and spiritual strength; restoring their stamina and healing their wounds in battle. Through training Ranma has made this technique a lot more versatile by learning how to identify the intensity of a target's spiritual energy signature. More specifically, Ranma can theoretically measure the frequency and density, allowing him to differentiate between high and low points, which allows him to absorb conventional spiritual attack and even energy from the environment.