Background[edit | edit source]

Ryoga Hibiki was born as the only child of the Hibiki family. Ever since he was young, he had an interest in martial arts and taught himself alongside his family teaching him magecraft. At a very young age, he noticed whenever he was traveling alone, he would never arrive at his destination until some time later of trying to get where he was supposed to go. He would arrive in some part of Europe for some reason when he was supposed to go to school in Japan.

This issue often leads him to days being chased after hungry predators or being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Ryoga found his poor sense of direction to be more of a curse and often found himself to be lonely being in a foreign place. It is thanks to his extreme bad sense of direction that allowed him to be as physically strong as he is today. Whenever he goes out without anyone else guiding him, he always ends up going through some bizzare journey for a few days before ending up at his destination.

When he attended middle school, he met Ranmā first during a school lunch, where Ranmā took the last piece of bread that Ryoga wanted to eat. It happened a few more times before Ryoga decided to challenge him to a fight at the vacant lot behind his home. Due to his poor sense of direction, he arrived at the vacant lot after four days but Ranmā had already left when he arrived. It deepened his anger toward him.

One day, another fight occurred however it got stopped by Ranma, who knocked out the two of them to cease their fights. When he woke up, he learned who she was and was impressed by her physical abilities. Ryoga disliked the fact she was the twin of his sworn rival but he found himself to like the kindness she showed to people which soon grew to him having affection for her.

He regularly gives Ranma gifts from the widespread locations he visits during his travels and tries his best to be her best friend but he is too shy to muster his courage to confess his feelings toward her. It didn’t help the fact that Ranmā seemed to notice his feelings toward his twin sister as he used this chance to readily interrupts Ryoga or plays tricks on him for the fun of it.

Soon enough before he even got a chance to confess his feelings to Ranma, she left to learn martial arts elsewhere. He was tempted to follow after her but he knew it was futile to do so. Frustrated with himself, Ryoga decided to start his own journey to train himself. It didn’t take long for him to lose his way and he somehow ended up in Cologne’s village, a secluded tribe in China that believed in the old ways of creating warriors.

He managed to impress the Cologne and convinced her to teach him the Bakusai Tenketsu technique. The training to learn the technique was brutal as he was suspended in mid-air via a rope harness, with only one finger free to strike the the border that would hit him unless he destroyed the boulder. Several times he thought he would have died but he managed to survive and finally learned the technique.

Once he felt he had learned what he could from the Cologne, he continued his journey. On his journey, he met many people and was caught in some unwanted conflicts but he managed to survive. Ryoga thought he got over his feelings for Ranma but when he returned back to Japan and encountered the Saotome twins again, his feelings for her did not change at all. He still couldn’t gather the courage to confess to her. He resumed his rivalry with Ranmā and he was determined to be better than him.

One day, he got lost when he was swimming in a river and somehow ended up swimming in a hot spring where the Inyouroushi-gumi female members were bathing. He accidentally came upon the sight of one of the captains having no clothes which led to him getting punched the daylight out of him. He secretly hoped that he would never encounter those groups of people ever again.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Ryoga’s poor sense of direction has regularly subjected him to imminent misery, constantly placing him lonely and lost in the wilderness, at the mercy of hungry predators. He is very emotional, often following his heart rather than his head however he has shown capability of using strategy when he is focused or lacking distractions. He is actually emotionally fragile, straightforward and naive.

He regularly feels depressed, which thus far has served as the source for his Shishi Hōkōdan. He is generally shy, humble and polite, especially around women. He is often easily tricked and used by some of the more manipulative characters, particularly Ranma, and turns extremely grateful, loyal and self-sacrificing for any kindness offered to him, and his compassion is just as overly emotional as the rest of him.

Ryoga is also easily distracted, creating openings for his opponents. Ryoga also suffers from being easily embarrassed at the sight of a woman’s breasts, along his own sense of decency whereby he refuses to fight anyone who he sees as weaker than himself.

Relationshiops[edit | edit source]

Ranmā Saotome[edit | edit source]

His rival ever since middle school and he found it incredibly annoying how Ranmā often made fun of his feelings for Ranma. Their rivalry is basically simultaneously competing to exceed each other and general annoyance. It is bad enough that Ranmā is few of the people that knew he can shapeshift into a pig and he hoped that he would never tell Ranma. Ryoga does regard him as a friend although he would never admit it.

Ranma Saotome[edit | edit source]

He has affection toward her and Ryoga is aware that it was quite one-sided as she seemed to be oblivious toward it. He still gives her gifts from the places that he traveled to and tried to muster his courage to confess his feelings to her but only did so through subtle methods. Ryoga is quick to stand up on her behalf or encourage her if she ever needs it. Ryoga just hoped that he won’t get friend-zoned by her even though he is certain that he is right now.

Ukyo Kuonji[edit | edit source]

The two of them met in middle school and were introduced by the Saotome twins. For a time, they did help each other with their love problems such as Ukyo trying to create an opportunity for Ryoga to confess his feelings to Ranma while he, in exchange, would do the same for her and Ranmā. The two of them can often be seen bickering with each other which lead to him getting hurt by Ukyo’s harsh words.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Sense of Direction[edit | edit source]

His most notable characteristic is that he has no sense of direction whatsoever. He is unable to go the right way and often sticks to whatever direction that was given to him, regardless of whether the paths eventually turned or not. Ryoga cannot even understand the simplest of directions or draw any legible maps. Whenever he wants to go somewhere, he will miss his destination by insane margins and he also was able to travel great distances in surprisingly little time on his foot.

Martial Art[edit | edit source]

Ryoga is considered to be an exceptionally proficient martial artist that is roughly comparable to his rival Ranmā, whom he has defeated or fought to a draw on many occasions. He does not follow a particular fighting style although he does take some aspects of taijiquan and other martial art style that he encountered throughout his journeys. Ryoga tends to take on an offensive position during a battle.

He possesses physical abilities that are even a level above trained athletes. He has great physical strength and he was shown to be very durable during battle thanks to the hellish training he went through to learn the bakusai tenketsu technique. His physical strength can be further heightened through chi.

Bakusai Tenketsu (爆砕点穴): Explosive-Breaking Point-Hole[edit | edit source]

A technique from Cologne’s village and considered one of the deadliest. Not for its use but the training method to master it. Even among these modern amazons those who undergo the training usually end up dead. It utilizes the weak points on objects hidden from normal eyes but can infer and destroy them with a well placed touch. Only mythical items are immune such as ones with no weak spots whatsoever that could be exploited.

The technique allows one to shatter rock, and other assorted inanimate objects with a single touch by focusing a tiny amount of chi through their finger and into it. The Bakusai Tenketsu is designed expressly to destroy rock. However, with modification, it can be used against virtually any material, though its effectiveness is directly related to how easily fractured the material is; that is, glass is much easier to break than diamond, which is easier to break than most metals. Additionally, the Bakusai Tenketsu works poorly on creatures with flowing chi, and creatures resistant to the same. Chi flows, much like a river does. If you drop a glass of water into a river and it is simply swept away. Finally, it does not penetrate resistant materials, such as flesh, well. For this reason, it is nearly impossible to utilize on humans, even though bone has a relatively low fracture resistance.

Master level users are able to shape the results of their breaking points into things like spears or other weapons. The ability to turn the battlefield itself into a weapon requires both fine control over the application of the chi, the precise use of breaking points, and an ability to visualize and execute their use. The entire effort needs to be mapped out beforehand, like a geometric pattern or a blueprint. All this has to be done at a moment’s notice, during life or death combat. Ryoga is considered to be a master of this technique and he is able to use the “Rapid Fire” version of this technique at times, striking quickly and repeatedly to produce several small blasts in a row.

Shishi Hōkōdan (獅子咆哮弾): Lion Roaring-Bullet[edit | edit source]

A spell that he had learned and is considered to be his most powerful technique. It is based on the fundamental idea on the Chinese black magic that is known as ku and the concept of taijitu. Ku is a magecraft that specializes in harming others. Shishi Hokodan is a curse that does physical interference damage strengthened by negative energy (yin) which is one’s depression and anger. He would concentrate the magical energy on his palm and unleash a massive blast of magical energy from his palms. When he first learned the technique, the attack was strong enough to knock out a normal person.

He perfected this technique which enables him to create a pillar of magical energy blast. Ryoga creates a massive sphere of magical energy that has been shown capable of instantly creating an even larger smoking crater, in what appeared to be a stone foundation, and later crack the earth around it. The more magical energy and negative energy he is feeling that is in this attack, the larger the resulting sphere of destruction.

Magecraft[edit | edit source]

He is more of a spellcaster that uses magecraft to aid him in battle. His main thaumaturgy is based on Taijitu, a philosophy that originated in ancient China that attempts to capture the essence of everything on a conceptual level. Activity is defined as Yang, represented in the color white, and stillness is defined as Yin, represented in the color black.

It symbolizes opposing concepts such as day and night, light and darkness, and male and female. At the same time, it can also be called a condensed version of the ever-changing, dynamic World. There exists a point of Yin within Yang and a point of Yang within Yin, indicating that the distinction between Yin and Yang is not absolute. He actualizes the spells through the movements of taijiquan that is based on circles just like the shape of taijitu. Beside reinforcement, he uses alteration for his seemingly endless supply of his trademark bandannas and made razor sharp weapons out of them. He could also use his belt as a blade that is capable of cutting through a tree or steel pole with a single slash.

Magic Crest[edit | edit source]

For some odd reasons, the Hibiki family’s magic crest allowed the holder to be able to turn into a black piglet. Perhaps it is due to the Hibiki family traced their lineage back to China who held belief that pigs symbolizes luck, overall good fortune, wealth, and general prosperity. Ryoga hated having the ability to turn into a piglet as he found it embarrassing and almost never used it unless he found it absolutely necessary. In his pig form, he has a very exceptional sense of smell and does makes it easier for him to hide or run away from sticky situations. The magic crest recorded many spells for him to use although Ryoga prefers to use his physical abilities instead.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Umbrella[edit | edit source]

A well-made umbrella that he uses as a weapon. It tends to be too heavy for normal humans to even lift up. Ryoga used the heavy weight of the umbrella to increase the impact damage and he reinforced the umbrella further by channeling chi into it. The umbrella is capable of canceling spells with a chant below two verses however it cannot defend against magecraft on the level of High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals.

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