This technique is a stronger variation of Hiryu Henkei that utilizes Invisible Air: Bounded Field of the Wind King. Once the technique is released, the previously compressed wind surges around user chaotically, creating a vacuum as it diffuses into the air with enough force to knock over normal people and shake heavy, firm trees like a typhoon. Strike Air: Hammer of the Wind King instead releases the compressed wind as a single use projectile weapon. Acting like a hammer made out of wind, it creates a gale made out of super high pressure condensed air that is powerful enough to easily crush and blow away armies and fling a stone slab weighing several tons into the air as if it were nothing. It is a long range attack with a constant amount of damage that in not influenced by user's physical condition or ki reserves.  It can only be blocked by overwhelming it with a higher amount of energy.

It can also be used to accelerate user’s own body towards their opponent, allowing them to travel at three times their normal speed. User releases the air and changes into a hypersonic bullet that charges towards their opponent. If working together with another person, the partner can use the vacuum left behind by the attack to immediately rush in behind it by using the surge of air taken in by the vacuum as a Slipstream. After releasing it, user can recall it by compressing the surrounding air to reform the barrier.