A replacement battle spatula created by Cyborg for Ukyo.

Overview Edit

It was built using a 'regenerative cooling system' meaning it's designed to scavenge excess heat to power the fuel cells. It uses a liquid coolant system using a water based coolant, modified with glycols. The heatsink itself is a crystalline polymer, kind of an advanced form of graphite, which quickly absorbs the heat from the coolant and then, collects as much of the energy as possible, while forcibly dumping the rest in a thermal jet if need be.

It is durable enough to withstand anything standard isn't going to get through. However heavier duty, specifically armor piercing rounds, or something like, say, a fifty cal will punch through, but it's pretty decent against most energy based weapons. For offense Cyborg added in some of his own tech, first and foremost. Vibration technology, for a supra-oscillating blade. While this may effect its ability to cook it can cut through hardened armor pretty much like nothing.

Cyborg also used a bit of the density variation tech that I put in Ryo's T-Brella. She can increase the weight of the blade nearly five times, usually in mid swing, for added power. It also contains a small, but powerful EMP generator. All the systems in both the T-patula, and Kuno's gear are triggered to shut off the microsecond before it goes off, to avoid any damage.