Tatewaki Kuno (九能 帯刀 Kunō Tatewaki) is one of Ranma Saotome's rivals as well as a suitor for Akane.

History[edit | edit source]

Ranma’s gruff nature and Kuno's idiotic formality instantly clashed. When Kuno found out that Ranma was living at the Tendo Dojo he attacked him only for Ranko to jump in the way allowing hit him while he was getting over the shock. Unaware that Ranko was self aware Kuno considers Ranma a coward for such an underhanded tactic. He also believes that he is only engaged to Nabiki in an effort to win Akane’s heart so challenged him to a match.

When Kuno arrived he was furious he was furious at the spectacle made of the even and called Ranma a coward when informed that it was Nabiki’s doing. The match started off relatively even due to the fact that Ranma didn’t suffer the normal strain. Ranko gained more blows, but Sakura had the clear advantage. However it was eventually revealed that Sakura had rose a level since the last time she fought and was now a medium-heavy class unit. Sakura ended up attacking Ranma-chan by mistake allowing Ranko to take advantage and win. Kuno refused to except defeat and rushed off.

Kuno whipped a naked Sakura as punishment for her loss afterwards he was interrupted from trying to figure out how Ranma won by Kodachi’s unit who had been sent to see why he was so upset. As Kodachi had ordered it to contradict all of Kuno’s orders it refused to leave. Kuno eventually attacked it in a fit of rage and ended up just destroying his own property even his shrine to Akane. At this point he called Sakura only for Kodachi’s unit to have already left.

When Ryo showed up at Furinkan Kuno seeing this as a chance to face his destiny challenged him. Sakura tried to warn Kuno that her battle levels weren’t sufficient to fight Inu, but he just told her to stop being a coward and fight. she ended up lasting through two attacks.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kuno rarely has to pay much attention in school since he can retrieve the lessons from Sakura’s memory at his leisure. Still, cheating was beneath him and he still aspired to learn the lessons as best he could. So to keep his grades up he has Sakura go through the day’s lesson with him. However he has her do it naked. He also regularly has her take the form of a submissive Akane for him to sleep with.

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