Usagi Tsukino is the reincarnation form of Princess Serenity and the civilian identity of Sailor Moon.



Usagi is a young woman who has a slim figure and pale skin. She has big sky blue eyes, and long, golden blonde hair kept parted in the center and typically tied into two buns/pigtails, odango hairstyle. She is described as being one of the shortest Senshi, said to be standing at 4'11" (possibly 5'0" or a bit taller in later volumes).

Sailor MoonEdit

Her fuku consisted of a white leotard with a blue collar that had two white stripes on it, white shoulder pads, and a blue skirt, along with red chest and back bows. She wore red knee-high boots with a white border at the triangular top which had a crescent moon at the middle and white gloves with red borders. Her accessories were a golden tiara with a red gem in the middle, golden earrings with dangling crescent moons, white-bordered red circular hairpieces that were on each odango, a choker with a golden crescent moon on it, and a brooch in the middle of her chest bow (her transformation brooch for the first season, the Crystal Star brooch in the second, and the Cosmic Heart Compact for the third).

Eternal Sailor MoonEdit

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The pearl/feather accents and medallions on her odango have not changed from the Super Sailor Moon costume. As before, they are red, with white trim. The earrings are once again dangling, building upon the larger, post earring of a crescent moon by adding a dangling star. The crescent moon (and the star) seem to be slightly larger than her previous earrings. The choker is red, with a heart and crescent moon motif in gold that matches the compact. The henshin compact has upgraded again, and appears differently on her school uniform, on her senshi fuku, and during the transformation sequence. The actual compact is winged, like the previous one, with a central heart shape, but adds a small crescent moon accent at the bottom Set around the central heart and moon jewel details are nine colored stones, representing each senshi's colors. Three gold dots accent each wing, and a gold sphere accents the top. When seen on her everyday dress, the compact appears as a plain gold heart and moon shape. When transformed, the compact looks the same, but framed by white wings, matching the larger set of wings on her outfit. In this final upgrade, Eternal Sailor Moon has no tiara. It is replaced by a crescent moon on her forehead, like that of Princess/Neo-Queen Serenity, but thicker and more elongated. The moon shape matches her earrings, choker, compact and other costume accents. The sleeves are puffed and pink, with a double row of red trim. For a change the sleeves come down midway to the elbow, longer than any previous ones. The sleeves are usually drawn very round and bubble-like, even slightly shiny.The sailor collar has darkened to navy or black, but keeps the gold contrast stripes. The number of stripes has increased to three. The bodice is now completely plain, having lost the horizontal under-bust seam featured in her previous costumes. The lack of detail on the bodice helps to accent the winged breastpiece that showcases her compact. The gloves have changed quite a bit for this outfit. The gloves are full-length gloves, ending at mid-bicep. Although trimmed in the traditional triple red piping, they are accented with a triple pearl/feather detail, matching her hairpins, which rests on the outside of each bicep. There is a red ribbon accent at the wrist, which is pointed down the hand and up the inside of the wrist, and features a gold crescent moon, matching other similar symbols throughout this costume. The skirt is once again the most dramatic change in this senshi fuku, changing from a single layer to three, and changing from white or blue to layers of red, gold and navy/black. The waist has lost the piping layers or belts seen in previous forms, and instead defines the waist/skirt line with a double ribbon trim of red and gold. A crescent moon accents the middle of the waist, as seen elsewhere in the costume. The back of the fuku is accented by large white wings, which attach at the waist. The bow has been replaced by long, trailing red ribbons, that flow from the wings downward. The boots, as with much of the costume, are dramatically different, having switched from red to white They feature an inversion of the top slice,cutting down in the front and pointing in the back. These boots are slightly lower than previous boots, with the point in the back ending at the top of the calf, and the v-slice in the front ending a few inches below the bottom of the kneecap. They are trimmed in red with a crescent moon accent at the base of the front cut, and feature about the same heel height as previous boots.


In Chapter 1: Sniper's Gambit, The Sailor Senshi were attempting to stop the Youma Thetis who had been posing as a librarian. However this proved to be a trick by Jadeite to ambush and kill. Luckily thay were saved by Tuxedo Mask who attacked the second Youma Brenda before she could strike. While initially surprised Mars and Mercury wasted little time attacking the new threat but Brenda who merely ran away. Mars gave chase while Moon and Mercury focused on Thetis. After making quick work of her they rejoined Mars. Brenda desperate to get away grabbed a hostage. Mars was furious at such a cowardly tactic while Moon and Mercury could only watch in worry. Moon promised to let Brenda go if she released the hostage and Brenda was about to make her escape only to be stopped by Tuxedo Mask again. Snatching the hostage away from her they made sure he was okay allowing Brenda to run away again. Mercury was the first to notice that Brenda had escaped. However Mask assured them that it would be a waste of time to go after her as with the enchantment he placed on the rose and the damage she'd already sustained, she wouldn’t last long.

In Chapter 9: Caught Between, Usagi was horrified when told about Brenda escaping to Nerima. When Luna chastised her for letting her fears get the better of her. she revealed it was less about the Youma and more about all the rumors about Nerima. Ami called her out for believing such exaggerated stories and either way it needed to be investigated. So with passionate zeal, quiet determination, and miserable apprehension the Senshi went to Nerima.

In Chapter 10: Shell Game, The next day, immediately after school, Usagi, Ami, Rei and Luna made their way to Nerima. Transforming into their Senshi forms, they followed the map that Gosunkugi had given them. When they arrived at the dojo they were shocked to find it in ruins. They were wondering who could have done this when the Mercury Computer sensed thirteen youma on their current location one of which had a power level she’s never seen before. Quickly hiding they watched as the mass of cloaked figures searched the building that they had just been examining themselves before they moved out. Realizing that the youma were searching for whoever was in the building. With no way of matching the range that the youma could search they decided to go find Gosunkugi

They informed the shocked boy that the Tendo compound had been attacked. Then after calming him down they told him that everyone had escaped and asked him where they might have gone. After wracking his brain for everything he could remember on where Ranma might have fled with Brenda he told them about the Nekohanten and Ucchan's. Choosing the Nekohanten and deciding to go untransformed they were greeted by Shampoo. Given her broken grammar and extremely thick Chinese accent they initially mistook her for a simpleton and claimed to be friends of Ranma. However the fact that Luna was with them immediately tipped Shampoo off that they were lying. So when they asked where he was she sent them off on a wild goose chase.

Much to their surprise instead of finding Ranma they found Brenda being attacked by two Inquisitors. The Inquisitors quickly forgot about Brenda and attacked the Senshi forcing them to quickly scattered. After defeating them they turned to Brenda and demanded to know what was going on. Brenda told them that she was no longer serving the Dark Kingdom. While Mars was suspicious Moon was ecstatic at the thought of meeting a youma that no longer wanted to fight for evil. Unfortunately instead telling them the truth she led them to believe that she just switched sides to a more powerful enemy. Brenda cut off their vows to stop her by attacking them and then ran as they dodged. Chasing Brenda down Moon was just about to catch her with her tiara when she was saved by Ranma. Furious at the senshi for attacking their friend Ryoga attacked Tuxedo Mask while Ranma dealt with the others. However just as they were about the start the Darkmistress arrived.

In Chapter 11: Three Way, Sailor Moon watched the assembled enemies anxiously, wondering what on earth they were going to do now. When suddenly Ryoga charged at the Senshi before the startled moon cat even had a chance to react, he snatched her up by the scruff of her neck and hurled her off into the distance. Shocked and horrified Sailor Moon threw herself headlong at Ryoga. However as she was no fighter he was easily able to fend her off. This prompted Mars to try and line up a shot at him only for the Youma attack forcing her and Mercury to scatter. At the same time, the Darkmistress unleashed her lightning at Ryouga and Sailor Moon. Seeing the destructive red energy bearing down on them, the lost boy leaped backward, dragging the young girl along with him, just before the destructive magic carved a gouge into the street where they had just been.

The other youma responded as well, three of them broke off to chase after Ranma, while the others swung around to cut off Ryouga. By this point Moon had recalled her tiara and stood, flanked by the other two Senshi, ready for action. The battle quickly became a free for all. Mercury warned Moon of an attack and not knowing where it was coming from panicked and randomly dodged. Luckily when a punch shot down from the rooftops, she had already half-run, half-tripped out of its path. Coming together to figure out what to do next Moon was horrified when an earthen fist smashed directly into Mercury from the side and flung her limply through the air. Running straight into the space that the youma was targeting she caught Mercury in mid-fall, and then without pausing for a moment, ran straight onward toward one of the now-abandoned stores that lined the sides of the street. Laying Mercury down to check up on her she was interrupted by the youma who had chased her into the store. Out of desperation Moon fired at her. While the youma was able to dodge at the last second this did give Moon the opportunity to lead it away from Mercury.

Taking to the rooftops on the far side of the road she buzzed the remaining Inquisitor mercilessly with her magic tiara, keeping the youma on the defensive as it tried to keep ahead of the deadly weapon. Ryoga goaded Sailor Moon into attacking him allowing him to use her tiara to kill the he was youma. The Senshi froze in shock upon seeing Ryoga’s actions, but he didn’t have time to find out what they decided to do about it as the Youma Moon was fighting was still there. Unfortunately just as he was about to deal with her Jadeite arrived growing tired of how the Darkmistress had lost control of the situation.

In Chapter 12: Full Measure, Ranma and Ryoga fought Jedeite leaving the Darkmistress to fight Tukedo Kamen and Sailor Moon. Tuxedo Kamen took the fore, keeping up a never-ending hail of roses, and also acting as a shield to prevent the youma from reaching close-combat with Sailor Moon. Who was free to launch her own weapon at the Darkmistress with utter impunity. Behind them, Sailor Mars was acting as a rearguard to keep the remaining Inquisitors at bay, sweeping back and forth across the rooftops with her flame. Realizing how dangerous the Darkmistress was Mars and Mercury quickly joined ranks they were all just as quickly put on the defensive devoting everything they had just to staying alive. Mercury used her Shabon Spray causing the three youma to flee in different directions upon realizing that the Senshi could still see. Mercury used her computer to determine where the Darkmistress was and though she desperately threw herself to the side she wasn’t able to fully dodge Mar’s fire. Knowing that her only hope for survival was escape she teleported back to the Dark Kingdom. Believing that she was dealt with when no trace of the Darkmistress was detected they left to deal with the others.

Sailor Moon, Mercury and Tuxedo Kamen arrived just as the defeated Jedeite while Mars broke off to deal with Brenda. Much to their surprise just Ryoga threw himself over her protecting her with his body just as Mar’s Fire Soul hit. Mar’s was about to attack again when she was incapacitated by Dr Tofu allowing Brenda to flee with Ryoga. Tuxedo Kamen ran after the retreating pair, but before he could catch up to them, Akane dashed out of the alley and launched herself toward him in a flying kick. He caught the attack easily on his cane, and then the weapon extended to drive into her stomach, sending her flying back in the direction she had come. But doing so cost him valuable time, allowing the Ranma to reach the alleyway, and he even managed to catch the Akane with his free arm in the process. Tuxedo Kamen followed after them only to be incapacitated by Tofu as well. Soon the enemies had vanished from sight. Unheeding of them, the two Senshi ran over to where their fallen comrades lay. After determining that it wasn’t magic Moon and Mercury pick Mask and Mars up so that they could search of Luna.

In Chapter 14: Making Plans, All the girls had been frantic with worry when they found Luna sprawled out on the rooftop and much to their surprise she hadn't been seriously injured from her unexpected flight just a bit bruised. After a good night's sleep they regrouped at the Hikawa Shrine to plan their next move. Seeing how much the events of the previous day were weighing heavily on each of them Luna pushed her own fears at how powerful their new enemies were to encourage them. However this only seemed to remind them just how strong they were especially Ryoga catching Usagi’s Tiara and Tofu paralyzing Rei after erasing his prescience. Ami revealed that she didn’t think what happened to Rei was an attack. The readings she took of Rei using the Mercury Computer revealed that it was a medical technique.

Next Rei revealed how Ryoga had sacrificed himself to protect Brenda from her Fire Soul. When Usagi demanded to know why the bad guy would do that Luna explained that things weren’t always so black and white. Either way they couldn’t forget that they attacked them first. Since they had four main leads it was decided that Rei would go back to the Nekohanten, Usagi would go to Ucchan, Luna would go to the location that Shampoo gave them, while Ami would go to an old acquaintance of her mother’s Dr Tofu.

In Chapter 15: Keeping Secrets, Meeting the others at the train station they made their way to Nerima before going their separate ways agreeing to meet back in a couple hours. Since their three routes would keep them together for a bit longer Rei, Usagi and Luna walked in the opposite direction of Ami who headed for Tofu’s clinic. After a few minutes of walking in silence when Usagi’s turn to branch off came Rei once again reminded to her what she was supposed to do at Ucchan’s as she set off for the cat café. Arriving at the restaurant Usagi attempted to give a fake name but Ukyo was easily able to see past her ruse. Realizing that Ussagi had come there fishing for information. Ukyo took her order in order to stall while tried to figure out how to respond. Usagi immediately forgot what she was talking about upon taking her her first bite of the okonomiyaki. Impressed by how much she could pack away Ukyo started telling Usagi about some her own adventures during her time on the road making sure not to discuss any of the adventures she'd had since coming to Nerima. The incognito Senshi had proved an eager audience, and the chef had been able to steer completely clear of any undesirable topics as they chatted. Arriving back at the rendezvous point. It appeared that Rei was the only one who got something useful and that was just confirmation from Cologne that Ranma was evil.

In Chapter 17: Dark Lords, The group was going to meet in Nerima once again when they saw Ranma and Ryoga declaring that they were ready to release their army on the world. Moon was quick to launch her tiara at Ranma and though her failed to kill him, the sudden dodge caused him to release Nabiki who Mercury was quick to save. The instant they were clear Mars took the opportunity to attack as well.

Mercury was the first to notice how Ranma seemed to freeze upon seeing Sailor Moon and Luna. Ryoga though with far less self-assuredness than Ranma had displayed took up the slack assuring the senshi that they hadn’t won before grabbing Ranma and dragging him off. After checking up on Nabiki they were about to follow them when she told them that she knew what their plan was. Nabiki told the Senshi that she had heard that Ranma and Ryoga were advanced scouts from another dimension and they were getting ready to open a portal to their world. She then told them that they were holding up in Furinkan High School and that an artifact called the 'Sacred Grail of the Snake and Ox' sounded important. From what she said Mercury deduced that artifact was what was needed to keep the portal open. Fresh hope written in their faces, the Senshi all quickly rose to leave.

In Chapter 18: Joining Forces, The Senshi skidded to a stop a Jadeite and the DD Girls materialized in their path. Raising his hand in a gesture of non-violence he informed the shocked Senshi that he wanted to join forces against the Dark Lords. While Jadeite was least trustworthy person they could imagine they reluctantly agreed that he had a point that the Dark Lords to powerful. While they didn’t like it they agreed to work with him.

As the combined Senshi and Dark Kingdom assault group left Luna addressed the Senshi in an undertone. They did not trust Jadeite so Luna agreed to stay by his side and keep an eye on him so she could warn them if he betrays them. Sailor Moon did not like this as she was afraid that Jadeite would attack Luna. However both Luna and Mercury had noticed how injured he was so was confident that she could escape him.

As Mercury surveyed Furinkan High the DD Girls and Mars wanted to attack the Dark Lords right away. However Jadeite and Moon opted to wait and search for their summoning device. Luna was the deciding vote to move in. It was obvious to everyone present—except, perhaps, Sailor Moon—that Jadeite’s suggestion of staying back to provide "coordination and support" was mostly an excuse for staying out of the thick of combat with his debilitating injuries. No one bothered to call him on it. Luna quickly agreed to join him.

The Senshi darted through the entrance in the wall, into the school grounds, while the DD Girls simply flew over it, landing on the other side. They slowly fanned out through the inner yard, their senses alert, ready for attackers, traps, anything. They were all ready to launch their attacks at a moment's notice, but nothing disturbed the eerie quiet of the deserted school. Until they heard Ranma’s voice across the school's P. A. system.

In Chapter 19: Death Duel, The Senshi and the DD Girls darted across the inner grounds of Furinkan High. They found Ranma and Ryoga clad in all their gaudy regalia standing next to each other, partway down the hall, their arms crossed as they barred the way forward. The leader of the DD Girls were the first to attack while Mercury sat back and watched. Seeing how good the two were at close combat Mercury suggested that they spread out and wear them down, but the youma who felt that it was a mistake of Jadeite’s part to fear the Dark Lord’s pointedly ignored her.

Thinking that she had Ryoga cornered they moved in for the kill only to be blasted back by the Bakusai Tenketsu. With their formation lost Ranma took the opportunity to attack. Though they tried to defend themselves they proved to be no match for him though he eventually had to dodge Moons attack the leader Modra was left disoriented and open for Ryoga to finish her off. It was only the intervention of Sailor Mars that saved her life. Mondra demanded to know why Mar’s saved her however her answer that they were allies only filled her with rage and Mars returned to the battle she vowed to see her dead.

Realizing that they had to fight smarter after tracking them down at the cafeteria and blasting through their makeshift barricade of tables they had constructed in front of the entrance. They spread out, quickly taking positions all around the room where they could launch attack from all different angles without putting their allies in the line of fire. The two boys exchanged a quick glance. Then, in unison, they vaulted over the counter, launching themselves at their foes. The DD Girls and Sailor Senshi both swung to target them, preparing to unleash their combined firepower at the two charging humans. Only for Akane, Shampoo, and Ukyo to burst in to rescue them.

In Chapter 20: Throw Down, Shampoo wore a black-and-silver plate bikini and a thin black tiara. Ukyo was dressed in an unflattering smock, complete with an apron, splattered with what seemed like food stains. Instead of hair, she seemed to have a strange growth protruding from the sides of her head, one that gave her face the shape of a large spatula, like the one she wore strapped across her back. Her entire skin was a pale, sickly white, as though it had been sprinkled with flour. Akane was dressed in angry red robes, her face covered by a wooden demon mask whose comically-deformed features were locked into a perpetual snarl of apoplectic fury. There were symbols sewn into the fabric of her robe as well, of humans dying in agony as they clutched at their throats or their stomachs. The sudden assault of the enemy reinforcements had scattered the Senshi and their Dark Kingdom allies, but the eight of them quickly regrouped at the opposite end of the cafeteria. While the Senshi’s gapped wondering what was going on the DD Girls attacked.

It was complete pandemonium. It could hardly be called a "fight", really—everyone was simply trying to dodge their way to some measure of cover, while simultaneously attacking their enemies as best they could. Violent, raging bedlam was unleashed across the cafeteria. The allied Senshi and youma still had the numbers advantage, and were able to put more firepower into the air. Their foes fell back under the assault... but the balance had shifted now. The Dark Lords' retreat was no longer the desperate flight it had been, but rather an unhurried regrouping. The fighters were pulling together, even as they moved to a more secure position. Slowly they made their way to the hole Akane, Shampoo and Ukyo had created.

The DD Girls tried to stop them only to be stopped by Mars who recognized Shampoo and figured that she was being controlled. The DD Girls used this as an excuse to cancel their alliance. The Senshi were rescued by Ranma choosing that moment to attack. As Ranma fought off the four DD Girls, Ryouga rejoining the fray too, with Shampoo and Akane, and Ukyo not far behind. With no other choice the leader of the DD Girls agreed not to hurt Shampoo. The DD Girls fought with Ranma and Ryoga, while Shampoo stalked Sailor Moon and Akane fought Sailor Mars. Seeing Ukyo about to help Akane Mercury helped her Shabon Spray

Shampoo was able to grab a hold of Moon before she could escape into the fog. Then dragged her kicking and screaming out of the cafeteria. She was about to knock Sailor Moon out when she was rescued by Tukedo Kamen. Knowing they couldn’t hurt Shampoo Moon called Luna to ask her what to do. After calming Moon down Luna reminded her of the Moon Tiara Stardust attack. While Mask was fast Shampoo was able to compensate for it with her superior skill. However dealing with both him and Moon quickly drained her stamina. Shampoo decided it would be better to take out Moon first only for her to trip at the last second. The same thing happened again when Moon tried to jump away. Embarrassed and furious Shampoo just grabbed Moon and pinned her down. Unfortunately she forgot about Mask who used his rose to paralyze her. In desperation Shampoo used her ki to force her body to move allowing her dodge Moon’s Tiara once again.

At that moment Akane and Ukyo arrived and three decided to switch opponents. Shampoo went after Mercury while Ukyo went after Mars leaving Mask and Moon to Akane. The two had a much easier time against Akane as not only was Shampoo a much better fighter Mask had no reason to hold back on her. Akane was eventually rescued by Kuno who mistook Mask attack as a sign of his affection. Caught off guard by this leap in logic Mask was unprepared when Kuno attacked him. This finally allowed Akane to deal with Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon frantically tried not to get hit as Akane methodically drove the Senshi into a position where she could force her to the ground, pinning her there with an armlock and a knee resting on her back. By this point Shampoo and Ukyo had defeated their respective Senshi. So when Tuxedo Mask returned they took him on.

In Chapter 21: War Dance, When Sailor Moon stopped struggling and began crying without restraint Akane realized that seeing Ukyo and Shampoo made her think that they had killed Sailor Mars and Mercury. The two quickly put two and two together when she asked them if they’d captured the other Senshi. Moon’s mind was quickly put at ease upon hearing Ukyo’s affirmation. Shampoo meanwhile warned Tuxedo Kamen not to move using the fact that they had Moon hostage as a way to stall to keep things going while they tried to work something out. the stalemate was interrupted by the arrival of Ranma informing the group that everything was ready and they could begin the ceremony. In desperation Mask tried to attack while his opponents were distracted by the news. While his roses were either deflected or dodged, he was surprised when Ranma retreated and Akane, Ukyo and Shampoo backed off and entered fighting stances. With no other options Mask told Moon to go after Ranma while he deals with the others.

In Chapter 22: Final Stand, Despite her fears Moon drew herself up, looked the Dark Lord in the eye, and in a trembling voice shouted that she would defeat him. Hamming it up Ranma played with Sailor Moon easily deflecting and dodging her her attacks as if they were noting. Just as she was about to lose hope she noticed the Bowl of Ox and Snake as Ranma bragged about his ensuring victory. Before he could stop her she launched her tiara at the bowl shattering it. Moon was left alone after the Dark Lord disappeared in a blinding explosion. However she quickly made her way out upon hearing that the building was about to explode. As she was running she found Luna and Ryoga in his cursed form and picked them both up in each arm.

Finding the others she began frantically shaking them back to consciousness. Mars was the first to wake up then Mercury. Before they could ask what happened she launched into a rapid-fire stream explaining that they needed to leave. The three then searched for Tuxedo Mask finding him hogtied with strips of his own cap. Sailor Moon wailed, as she ran to him and began to untie his bonds. The blonde Senshi started to try and shake him awake, as she had done for Sailor Mercury, but the Senshi of water cut the attempt short by simply splashing him with a focused version of her Shabon Spray, the ice-cold water doing the job much faster. Then all of them raced for the exit, praying that they would escape in time.

They were able to make it out of the school in time and eventually were able to collect themselves, and set about taking stock of the situation. After Tuxedo Mask left Moon explained to the others how she defeated the Dark Lord. Luna finally got the chance to tell them that Ryoga was the one preventing her from getting to Moon. However seeing him bweeing softly in his sleep the Senshi came to the conclusion that he must have been controlled like Shampoo. Despite the fact they were limping, staggering, and leaning on one another for support the Senshi tensed, preparing for battle, when Jadeite and the DD Girls showed up. However he just asked if the Dark Lords had been dealt with. They were both relieved and humiliated when Sailor Moon recounted how she took them on and defeated them by herself. Just before they returned to the Dark Kingdom Mercury sensed the presence of Brenda. Figuring that since she was originally a Dark Kingdom youma breaking the bowl had no effect on her the Senshi gave chase while Jadeite and the DD Girls watched in satisfaction of the traitor getting her just deserts.

Following Brenda’s signal they were surprised when it suddenly blinked out of existence. They went to where it last was only to find Cologne and a wet silver haired girl. Mars was the first to speak asking Cologne what had happened. She informed the Senshi that she had killed the youma. Sailor Moon was naturally impressed by this. At this point Cologne asked why they were fighting the Dark Kingdom. Luna tried to stop Sailor Moon from answering, but she just complained that Cologne might know something about the princess. Upon hearing her name Cologne instantly knew who Sailor Moon was. With a new sense of purpose now that she knew all was not lost, Cologne began laughing. When a worried Sailor Moon asked her why she told her she was laughing at an old fool. With that she grabbed Brenda and before she left she told the Senshi she was sure they would have no problem finding their princess.

In Chapter 23: Wrapping Up, Worried about Gosunkugi after seeing him run out of the school the Senshi decided to check up on him. He explained that he snuck into the school when he heard that Ranma had taken it over causing Mercury to call him out for doing something so dangerous. Just as he was about to tell them about Brenda Luna told him about how he had run into Jadeite. Realizing that Jadeite was one of the general he asked if he had been hurt. Luna affirmed but told him that since Ranma had been destroyed there was no reason for Jadeite to come back to Nerima. Gosunkugi opted not to tell the Senshi about Brenda and just congratulated them on a job well done.

Afterwards Usagi decided to go to Ucchan’s both to check up on Ukyo and to get more of her okonomiyaki. By the time they got there Usagi was almost drooling with anticipation. Even Ami had to admit that she was feeling quite puckish after all the walking around they had been doing, and she was looking forward to sampling the restaurant's wares herself. Ukyo instantly recognized Usagi and greeted her by the aliases she gave. After the three took a seat she made her way to the grill and told them that Ranma hadn’t been seen for a few days as well as the fact that she felt like she was thinking more clearly. Upon receiving their food the girls began to devour it in earnest, while Ukyo looked on with a satisfied smile.

Sailor Moon thwarts numerous plots of the Dark Kingdom's attempted theft of her Silver Crystal, and eventually the Senshi discover the location where the Dark Kingdom's base is. The travel to D Point, where Sailor Moon see's each of her comrades dies, so she can continue on. When she reaches the Dark Kingdom, Endymion, still under the Dark Kingdom's control, attacks Sailor Moon. Her love for him breaks the control and he regains his memories. Unfortunately, Endymion dies, protecting Sailor Moon from Beryl's attack. Sailor Moon confronts Beryl, who has merged with Queen Metalia, on the surface. Becoming Serenity, she uses the Silver Crystal to destroy Beryl and Metalia, sacrificing her life in the process. She was saved by Ranma who prevented the Crystal from draining the last of her life force pouring his own into her. With that last bit of energy she resurrected her, Mamoru, the Senshi and all of the warriors who joined forces to stop Metalia with no memories of what happened, living normal lives. In Chapter 4: Remembrance, Usagi appears living as a beautiful, normal teenager with no memories of her being Sailor Moon and Princess Serenity, nor does she remember her friendship with the Senshi. Ranma had come to Juuban to thank her for saving everyone’s life. Seeing that had memory he thanked her before returning home, leaving a completely befuddled Usagi in his wake.

In Chapter One: Before the Storm, Monsters attacked without warning, and the entire situation quickly became a nightmare as they targeted a busy thoroughfare. Fortunately the Sailor Senshi had been close by, but they were struggling to hold their own. The things were fast, and there were still too many civilians nearby—hiding or cowering or injured—for them to risk using their most wide-scale destructive attacks. Despite this their experience allowed them to eventually gain the upper hand. Sensing that things were going badly for them the monster attacking Sailor Moon switch tactics and joined its fellow by rushing at Tuxedo Kamen from behind. Before it could slice the masked man's unprotected back he was rescued by Chibi-Usa.

Sadly the split-second of distraction caused by her and Pluto’s sudden appearance, the surviving two monsters made their move. One threw itself at Sailor Moon, its four blades slashing in from every direction. The startled girl tried to leap away, but didn't quite make it, and two of the blades ripped bloody gashes in the forearm she had thrown up as an instinctual defense. She tumbled away, clutching at her arm... which left an opening for the monsters to escape. Pluto tried to chase after them while the others checked on Moon, but wasn’t fast enough. Sailor Moon assured everyone that she was fine as it was only a small cut.

After Mask healed her they began wondering who this knew enemy was. However with no knowledge to go on all they could was wait for their return. But as week after week went by, they saw no further sign of their strange, grey-skinned opponents. They remained vigilant, but there were no attacks, no hints, no clues, nothing to go on. At length, they began to wonder if the creatures had been related to any larger threat at all. At the same time, they were preparing for the unexpected event of Chibi-Usa's birthday party—coinciding with the much more expected event of Usagi's own birthday party, since both mother and daughter shared the same birthdate of June 30th. The preparations were a whirl of confusion and chaos as more friends, family and other Sailor Senshi were pulled in. Soon the event had begun to snowball beyond any of their expectations, taking on a life of its own.

The number of attendees kept growing and growing and growing, as the two girls ended up inviting more and more people that they hadn't seen in a while. Overall, the atmosphere of the Tsukino household and those associated with it was a joyous—if slightly frazzled—excitement. The only one who found it hard to partake of the feeling was Sailor Pluto. Even on the visits she made in her civilian guise of Meiou Setsuna, she found it impossible to shake the foreboding that had taken hold of her.

In Chapter 3: Heard in Secret, The Senshi were just finishing up the party invitations when they were interrupted by Pluto. Rei, Ami and Usagi quickly put two and two together when she explained Haruka and Michiru’s encounter with a Dark Kingdom youma, and realized that the Dark Lords were back. Realizing the others had no idea what they were talking about the told them about the Dark Lords of Nerima. Setsuna wanted to go into further detail on the Dark Lords so Usagi decided to go get Luna. As she was leaving she suddenly stumbled while holding her chest in pain. Assuring the others she was just short of breath, she darted off on her self-appointed mission, leaving the other Senshi with yet one more troubled thought weighing on her mind.

Luna was shocked when Usagi told her that the Dark Lords had returned. Even hours later all she could do was pace up and down the length of Usagi's bedroom as she wondered what their plan was. Her musing was interrupted by Usagi wondering if what Brenda told Haruka and Michiru was the truth. However Luna wasn’t buying and Usagi’s optimism just made her more worried as it provided an opportunity for an enemy to exploit. So when Usagi went to sleep Luna decided to investigate for herself what was going on. The next morning Luna told Usagi that she had went to Nerima and found out that the Dark Lords were going to attempt to trick them.

In Chapter 4: Failure to Communicate, Luna explained to the assembled Inner Senshi, Artemis, Chibi-Usa and Mamoru what she had heard from ease dropping on Ranma and Akane’s conversation. Not feeling right about just attacking them outright despite what they’d learned they decided to try and reason with the Dark Lords. They were interrupted by fireworks going off and realized that it was the Dark Lords trying to get their attention.

Though they were surprised when they only found Ranma they were quick to call him out when tried to tell them that he wasn’t there to fight. Seeing this Ranma started to explain what was going on only for Luna to come out and tell him that she knew he was trying to trick them. Ranma’s nervousness at seeing her and Artemis presence made the Senshi even more suspicious. However as they didn’t want to put Kasumi in danger they refused to tell him how they knew he was lying. As Mercury tried urge Ranma to see reason he pulled out Ukyo’s flour bomb to escape. Mask mistook this as an attack and attempted to stop him only to be intercepted by Konatsu. Taking that as proof that Ranma was planning on a sneak attack the Senshi attacked. With the cats no longer visible Ranma was able to stop Moon before she could attack Konatsu focusing the Senshi’s attention back on him. Ranma was simply to fast for them and would always be gone before their attack could hit. Realizing this Mercury had them use wide area attacks. By that point Konatsu defeated Tuxedo Kamen so as the Senshi rushed to his aid the two made their escape.

Luckily it was mostly Kaman’s pride that was hurt. However as they were checking up on him and figuring out what to do next they were attacked by Kodachi with paralysis powder. Jupiter saw the attack coming and shoved Moon and Mask out of the way before it could hit. Seeing the crazed look in Kodachi’s eyes Moon stopped Mask from hurting her when he gained the upper hand. Believing that she was being manipulated by Ranma she attempted to use the Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss on her. Since Kodachi wasn’t as strong as Ranma Mask was able to keep her distracted while Sailor Moon prepared. Seeing Moon level her scepter at her Kodachi rushed to stop her. Tuxedo Kamen tried to stop her only to be tricked and knocked out. Sailor Moon couldn’t stop her attack so just had to withstand Kodachi’s blows. Ranma threw himself in front Kodachi in a futile gesture of defense. Much to his surprise they were both unharmed however her attack did finally unleash the memories she refused to acknowledge. With a sob, the gymnast turned and ran for all she was worth leaving Ranma to just stare in bewilderment, and the Senshi with another confirmation that he was evil.

With no other options Ranma just went with it. Telling the Senshi that it was all a trick and challenged them to a fight against the rest of the Dark Lords the next day, if they won it would prove they weren’t evil as they would the Senshi alive. As the Senshi were still recovering from the effects of Kodachi’s paralysis powder they could only watch as he left. Moon instantly knew that she had been manipulated as Ranma knew she wouldn’t shoot him in the back. Despite that she still wanted to believe him. there first duty was to find Kodachi before Ranma could recapture her.

In Chapter 5: The Opening Moves, Anxious over the upcoming fight Usagi ended up waking early and began contemplating how to stop the Dark Lords without having to kill someone. Seeing how worried she was Luno comforted her and assured Usagi that everything would work out.

In Chapter 6: Best Laid Plans, The Senshi, Tuxedo Kamen, Luna and Artemis made their way toward the appointed place for the showdown, as they went over the plan on how to deal with Ranma’s slaves. When they arrived Mercury became suspicious when she only sensed 5 people given what happened last time. Before they could react Konatsu appeared and scooped up Luna and Artemis and placed them into a crate where they’d be out of the way. The fight was a complete free for all while the Senshi except for Sailor Moon were fighting defensively because of the huge number of combatants no one was able to fully exploit an opening when they gained an upper hand. Realizing this Ranma decided to focus on Mercury so she couldn’t activate anyone’s Jusenkyo curse. With her and the rest of the Senshi busy Akane was able focus on Sailor Moon.

Sailor Chibi-moon attempted to attack Akane only for her to use a chunk of debris to knock her wand out of her hand. Sailor Moon proved to be deceptively fast this combined with her raw, practiced experience made her quite formidable. She still had nothing resembling a chance to go on the offensive allowing Akane to metheodically push her back. Chibi-moon recovered her want in time to prevent Akane from backing her into a corner as she was forced to dodge. Akane used Chibi-moon’s head as a quick springboard to launch herself at Moon. However this time she was stopped by Sailor Venus who launched a bruised and charred Kuno at her.

The two martial artists collided and as Akane tried to push the unconscious kendoist off her Venus’ Chain wrapped around her as well. She was freed when Ranma took a break from drawing Sailor Mercury's fire to toss a Moko Takabisha into Sailor Venus' back, sending her stumbling forward. This gave Sailor Moon the opening she had been waiting for this whole fight. Which was exactly what Akane was counting on: taking the harmless attack in exchange for the opening that she needed. Since she wasn’t brainwashed the attack had no affect on her. Just as Akane was about the perform the finishing blow Sailor Pluto came out of concealment and launched a Dead Scream at her. Akane was only saved by the intervention of Shampoo who stepped in front of the attack.

Sailor Moon tried to check on Shampoo only for Pluto to stand protectively in front of her. She called her out for breaking their promise, but Pluto was unapologetic as it was obvious that Akane was a willing participant. As Moon was interrupted from trying to figure out what to do next by an enraged Ranma plowing into Pluto sending the Senshi flying in an end-over-end tangle of limbs. Ranma never even let Pluto touch the ground as he chased after her with a series of punishing strikes that kept her aloft, while Sailor Moon desperately pleaded for him to stop. The pounding was finally ended when Moon transformed into Princess Serenity the sheer power of which drove Ranma to his knees.

Serenity demanded that Ranma explain himself. With Shampoo hurt Ranma decided that it was best to give up. Sadly Zhang had been watching the fight and chose the moment Serenity accepted Ranma’s surrender to test Unit-Zero. Serenity suddenly started screaming in pain and transformed back into Usagi. As she lay jerking and spasming in a fetal ball on the ground. The other Senshi thinking that the Dark Lords had something to do with it attacked Ranma in a blind rage. After Ranma escaped they rushed back to check on Usagi.

The pain eventually caused her to pass out. The rest of the Senshi along with Luna and Artemis clustered around her as she was held in Tuxedo Kamen’s arms while he tried to use his healing power, which had no affect. Realizing the dangers of where they were they decided to take her back home.

In Chapter 7: Among the Enemy, A brittle, strained silence filled Usagi's bedroom, as Mask, Chibi-Usa, and the rest of the Senshi, both Inner and Outer, were packed into the room, all of them anxious over what had happened to her. Setsuna recognized it as the first symptoms of The Great Freeze leading them to believe that Ranma must have had something to do with it. Hotaru told them about the demons who attacked her and Ryoga. Hearing that Ryoga saved Hotaru Usagi tried to argue with an uncaring Haruka that changed thing, but it proved to taking for her. Since the Dark Lords knew who they were the Outers decided to stay at a Hotel until things were settled. Though Hotaru opted to stay a little longer.

To everyone's great relief, Usagi started to show signs of recovery as the afternoon wore into evening which helped to lighten the mood of the other Senshi tremendously. Hotaru stayed as long as she could, doing her best to support Usagi and Chibi-Usa, but eventually had to leave.

When Minako asked Usagi what she wanted to eat without hesitation she asked for Curry. As Minako left to go give the request to Usagi’s mother Artemis went with her. Moments later Mamoru, Ami, Rei and Makoto rushed out, upon hearing a commotion. It turns out that Ryoga had tried to sneak an unconscious Hotaru into Usagi’s parents bedroom only to be caught by Artemis. After coming to she explained to the others what happened leading to varying degrees of concern and utter puzzlement from them. However Rei had the most extreme reaction. The revelation that the Dark Lords knew Usagi true identity and where she lived sent her into a panic. The others were able to calm her down a little by pointing out that none of Ryoga’s actions so far showed that he wanted to hurt them. Chibi-Usa theorized that like with Prince Diamond and Usagi aswell as Naru and Nephrite Ryoga had fallen in love with Hotaru. Never thinking of herself as someone who engenders much romantic attention Hotaru was at a complete loss for words.

Usagi's recovery had continued, but she was still weak, and with the added worry of her secret identity being known, the other Inner Senshi had determined to guard her through the night. During which Chibi-Usa continued her defense of Ryouga's infatuation with Sailor Saturn.

In Chapter 8: Foes in Need, while Usagi had been rapidly recovering the Inner Senshi were unwilling to leave her undefended, especially now that they learned that her identity was known. The group was surprised when Hotaru called and specifically asked for Ami. Ryoga had come with her and the Outers after telling her that Tanizaki Heavy Industries was who actually attacked them. However since he was in his piglet form Ami was going over to help figure out away to change him back. Chibi-Usa suggested that they bring him there but Rei vehemently refused. Usagi wanted to believe him which nearly started an argument between the two until Ami interjected.

In Chapter 9: Worth Fighting For, Ami returned with an injured Haruka and after calming everyone down and getting Mamoru to heal her. They explained that Hotaru had been kidnapped by someone who was using her father as leverage. Haruka tried to calm them down by explaining that Setsuna and Michiru went to investigate Tanizaki Heavy Industries and told them to just focus on protecting Usagi. However Usagi wouldn’t have it she told everyone to go and protect their families. Rei tried to protest only to be torn between her worry over Sailor Moon and her family. Mamoru and Makoto were able to help since as orphan’s they didn’t have family to protect. While she wasn’t happy about it Haruka didn’t argue and went to go join back up with Michiru and Setsuna. Later that night they received a call from Ami telling them that someone was at her house. They arrived just in time to stop Ranma from finishing Ami off. She was quick to stop Jupiter from finishing her off as he was being possessed by Ekim. Gathering all Ranma's remaining strength Ekim was able to escape before Sailor Moon could complete her Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss.

In Chapter 10: Ties That Bind, with Ekim-Ranma gone Ami was forced to explain to her mother that she was Sailor Mercury, needless to say Saeko was horrified. Since theirs families were being attacked the next step was to go home and tell them all the truth. By the time they arrived back at Usagi’s house Venus had arrived with her family and Mars was on her way. Usagi started to get nervous at the thought of confronting her mother however Ikuko ran out of the house before she could contemplate not going in. The result was spectacular, to say the least. When Mars arrived multiple overlapping conversations filled the Tsukino home, as the multiple different families packed into the small space tried to come to grips with what they had each learned about their daughters.

Jupiter was keeping watch so saw Naru as she and her mother were running to her house. Undoing her transformation Usagi ran out to greet her and instantly knew what happened when Naru told her that a man broke into her house and attacked her. However her heart leapted with hope when she explained how she got away. Usagi explained to the others that Ranma was fighting his possessions. Telling Naru and her mother to stay there and Chibi-Usa to stay as look out the rest went to deal with Ekim-Rannma. However as she was an agonizing pain similar to the one she felt at the warehouse causing her transformation to falter and her to tumbled toward the street below.

Venus was able to catch her before she hit the ground, despite the fact that someone was draining her power since it wasn’t as bad as the last time, Usagi forced her self to keep going. The other Sailor Senshi debated on what to do, but seeing that she wouldn’t budge Tuxedo Kamen just told her to save her strength to free Ranma while they handle the rest. When they arrived Naru’s jewelry store and the apartments above it. Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury and Luna went in to investigate, while Sailor Jupiter, Tuxedo Kamen and the weakened Sailor Moon laid in wait outside.

When a horde of hideous creatures began to pour out the windows of Naru's apartment, swarming down the sides of the building like an inky wave they were forced to contain them before they reached the city. Unfortunately all this did was force the monsters attention on them, and there were just entirely too many to handle on their own. Luckily before they were completely overwhelmed Shampoo, Akane, Mousse, Konetsu and Ukyo arrived to help them. Akane started to explain that Ranma really wasn’t an evil Dark Lord when a demonic version of Ekim-Ranma burst out of Naru's apartment. Seeing that Ekim-Ranma attempted to use his minions to help him escape but was stopped by Akane and Mousse. Now that she had space Jupiter unleashed her Jupiter Oak Evolution.

The tide of the battle changed with the arrival of Helios allowing Tukedo Kamen to transform into Endymion. Refusing to allow her friends to fight for their lives with out her despite the agony she was in Sailor Moon went after Ekim-Ranma. Through sheer determination Moon was able to fend off Ekim’s attacks. Though he prevented her from casting her purification spell, knowing just how dangerous it was. Seeing how he activated Mousse’s curse to defeat him Moon decided to do the same, not knowing that Ranma’s curse turned him female. However since Ekim placed his spell on Ranma’s male body the transformation to female allowed Ranma to fight for control. As the two struggled for control Sailor Moon was able to fire her Crystal Power Kiss defeating Ekim and freeing Ranma.

The other seeing the light raced towards it and found an exhausted Sailor Moon and Ranma lying on the ground. A nearly half-dead Endymion went to check on Moon with the help of Konetsu while Mercury studied Ranma-chan as she realized she knew her from somewhere. She nearly passed out upon realizing that she was the girl from Tofu’s clinic. By this point the Inner’s arrived along with Ryoga and Souichi Tomoe.

In Chapter 11: Clearing the Air: After coming to terms with the fact that Ranma was the girl was at Tofu’s Clinic Sailor Mercury asked her why, only to become annoyed when Ranma jokingly kept giving vague answers. Saturn who was healing everyone explained what Ryoga told the outer Senshi. Moon was about to apologize for the misunderstanding when Mar’s remembered the ritual. Luna made her presence known when Ranma didn’t know what Mars was talking about telling him that she heard him and Akane talking about a ritual. Unfortunately this caused his cat fear kicks in and he scrambles up the tallest thing in the area, which happens to be Pluto herself. She tries to keep her dignity while balancing a terrified martial artist on her head.

Realizing that was why Kasumi hid Kuno they took her out of his sight and Ranma was forced to explain to a growingly suspicious Ukyo and Shampoo that he and Akane were getting married. After watching the ensuring fight and Ranma go into Neko-Ken when a cursed Shampoo fell on him Mercury stopped trying to figure out what was going on. When Ranma suggested that everyone stay at the Tendo Dojo as they would be safer from Tanizaki together Sailor Pluto was against it. While she found his and Ryoga’s explanation to be consistent they not only still an unknown but utterly chaotic. However she was vetoed by Sailor Moon and it was clear the princess had already made up her mind. The trip back to the Tendo dojo via the Tsukino residence was largely uneventful. They packed the Senshi's families into the cars belonging to Mr. Aino, Mr. Tsukino, and Sailor Uranus, while the Senshi and the martial artists escorted them from the rooftops on either side. Everyone was tense, on the lookout for another attack, but none came.

Sailor Moon made a special side trip along with Sailor Neptune, using her Deep Aqua Mirror to track down Naru's mother and bring her along with her daughter as well. Eventually they all arrived at the dojo, and hustled the civilians inside where they were greeted by the fathers and Kasumi. What followed was a haphazard flurry of activity as they all tried to bring some order to the chaos, working out who would sleep where, who would take what watch, and so forth. The Tendo compound was much larger than the Tsukino residence, but with all the extra people things were packed nonetheless. Still, despite the turmoil and uncertainty, everyone was also exhausted, and before long most of them had found a place to grab some much-needed sleep. Bit by bit the Tendo home quieted, until it was largely still.

Ranma and Ryoga sat on the roof along with Usagi, Ami and Rei. Despite Ranma and Ryoga brushing it off the three had come to apologize. Ryoga became upset upon learning that Brenda was still in the Dark Kingdom, but backed down when Ranma explained that there was nothing he could do as he and Mousse where outside the portal when she made her decision. Ami reminded the two of their presence and realizing they had no idea what was going on Ranma explained how Tanizaki reopened one of the portals to the Dark Kingdom and has been experimenting on the youma. For a moment Ranma wondered if admitting that they'd been trying to free an army of the girls' oldest enemies had been the best idea. But it quickly became clear that Usagi was horrified by Tanizaki’s actions.

Morning came all too soon, dawn peeking over the horizon and shining down on the Tendo Dojo. Most of the inhabitants therein awoke both late and slowly; the night before had been a long and draining one for most of them. Ranma, Pluto, Michiru, Usagi and Ami gathered to sift through all the information Ranma had been hiding from them up until now, in more detail than the brief overview Ryouga had given during the car ride. Usagi watched with wide-eyed attention as Ranma related his side of the final battle against the Dark Kingdom to, Shocked to learn that he was the one during the battle against Metallia who told her not to give up. They were equally shocked to learn that he, Ryoga, and Mousse had also fought Death Phantom. Ranma was happy to learn that his theory that the Death Phantom’s weakness was his crystal ball was correct. Usagi then went on to explain to Ranma about How he had come from the future.

At first, Usagi had just told him about Death Phantom and the pawns he had duped into furthering his plans, but after that had been explained there had still been plenty he was curious about. Like where the Outer Senshi and the flying horse came into things. So he'd kept asking, and Usagi kept answering with disarming candor. After she finish explaining Chaos Ranma explained what Tanizaki was trying to do. Hearing that he was trying to steal the Silver Crystal made the Senshi realize that he was responsible for the Great Freeze in the original timeline. Pluto became even more disturbed upon hearing that Ekim was chosen of the Nameless One. On the bright side knowing the source of his power gave them important insight into what they could expect from him. this was how they figured out how Tanizaki formed a link with Usagi and when the future changed when she was attacked during the battle against the synths.

The notion that the future could be changed so easily freaked Ami out, but Pluto was able to calm her down. With that established Ranma began to explain his plan to them. They were wary of another "plan" like his demented Dark Lords scheme. But what he'd outlined for this situation was much more simple and direct. No tricks or gimmicks this time, just "beating the crap" out of Tanizaki's soldiers in the Dark Kingdom and taking over the portal so he couldn't send any more in. While Ami and Usagi were eager to help Michiru and Pluto were skeptical that the youma would be willing to accept their help. Ami began to freak out again when Ranma revealed that Ryo Urawa was who he was getting his information from. Looking at Ami and Usagi, Michiru knew that their next course of action was now set in stone. If there had ever been a chance of Usagi agreeing to go after Tanizaki himself first, that chance had now been utterly obliterated. The Sailor Senshi were going to invade the Dark Kingdom once again.

In Chapter 12: On the Offensive, When they arrived Saturn made straight for Ryo. However while he was healed physically he still lost a lot of blood and was left in a coma. Moon called Jupiter to tell her than they were fine and everything was over. Over an hour later Konatsu watched along with Sailor Moon and Sailor Neptune as Sailor Mercury scanned Tanizaki’s tech searching for a way to get the explosive collars off.

In Chapter 13: All Fall Down, The Nerima martial artists and the Senshi were into the conference room to discuss what to do about Tanizaki Kazuo. Pluto and Mercury had come up with four objectives they needed to fulfill. Neutralize Tanizaki as a threat; deal with Ekim, freeing any monsters that were being held captive in his skyscraper, and finally information. Konatsu quickly volunteered with dealing with Ekim as well as to help Ami get to Tanizaki’s computers. The colorful group of thirteen young men and women walked into Tanizaki's headquarters. The guards were quickly taken out by Konatsu as Sailor Moon turned to the other people in the lobby, receptionists, businessmen, office workers to warn them to leave as they deal with Tanizaki. Mousse sensed Zhang’s presence so stayed behind as Ranma pride open the elevator allowing everyone to leap into the shaft, rebounding from wall to wall. Sailor Moon was clearly upset about this but seeing there was no use in arguing Ranma convinced her to keep going. As he left Ranma gave a quiet plea that his friend could face down the demons that had been hounding him for so long, and overcome them.

The group encountered resistance the moment they emerged from the elevator shaft, but the fact the enemy was almost laughably outgunned made them wonder if they were going the right way. Tanizaki was waiting in the Synth factory. Stopping Ranma from attacking him Sailor Moon tried to talk with Tanizaki, and was surprised when he agreed to listen. While he listened respectfully as Moon tried to convince him to stop he assured her that a peaceful solution was not possible. Tanizaki refused the accept inferiority to some 'greater being', no matter how generous or benevolent they may be. The conversation ended when Tanizaki revealed how he would gain control of the Ginzuishō by bringing out Unit Zero.

While Sailor Pluto was horrified that such a creature existed Moon was disgusted by what the lengths Tanizaki had gone through to get Unit Zero under his control. Removing the gauntlets that kept her from succumbing to having no star seed Tanizaki forced Unit Zero and Sailor Moon to fight for control of the crystal. Sailor Pluto attempted to kill the clone only for her attack to be blocked. Ranma in turn attacked. Unfortunately Tanizaki was prepared for Ranma as well and pulled out a cat to incapacitate him. Pluto and Kamen attacked Unit Zero in a desperate attempt to stop her from leeching more power from the Silver Crystal. While they were met with no more success than before Sailor Moon was able to force herself to block the clones counterattack. She then tackled her away from everyone.

The two struggled over the vital piece of themselves as they plummeted down into an uncontrolled fall. The link they shared only made the raw, agonizing emptiness eating away at them worse, for every pull that Unit Zero made increased Sailor Moon’s wracking agony, and every time she tried to pull herself, she could feel an echo of the pain it caused the other girl. After crashing into the chamber floor Moon once again tried to beg Unit Zaro to stop and convince her that the Senshi could help but the words had no effect. Raw magic suffused the air between them as they called more and more of the Silver Crystal's power. However the stalemate was ended when a broken, bruised, and bleeding landed in a crumpled heap beside them. Unit Zero took advantage of Moon checking to see if she was okay to gain the advantage and take the crystal.

Moon tried to stop her but the fact that with each pull she made on the Silver Crystal, she could feel the frantic desperation growing in the heart of her brainwashed twin made her not put much heart in the effort. Her uncertainty broke the stalemate and the er Crystal shot through the air, straight into Unit Zero's palm. At the same time, her transformation faded, and Tsukino Usagi crumpled forward to the floor, her vision swallowed up by black as the emptiness took her.

In Chapter 14: In the Balance, Queen Serenity appeared in Usagi’s subconscious; unfortunately it wasn’t because she had something to tell her or a new power to give her, she didn’t so to the world of the living but Usagi herself was dying. Despite this Usagi refused to give up and asked her mother to show her how she appeared before the others last time. Moon appeared between Zero and Ryoga right before she was about to blast him. The struggle for the Silver Crystal only this time Moon was in the more beneficial position. So with a burst a strength Zero lurched away at a blind run. Usagi returned to the celestial rotunda where Queen Serenity was waiting for her. While as weak as she was she could do little more then hold her clone in check. Usagi focused on the connection, however tenuous, that still existed between her and her stolen Star Seed, planning to do all that she could to help. When Usagi felt Unit Zero being tortured she decided to appear before her again. Serenity was against since she still needed to conserve her strength, but Usagi felt that it was necessary. Usagi’s appearance was met with absolute terror, but she assured Unit Zero that she wasn’t there to attack her just to talk.

In Chapter 15: Dreams for Tomorrow, Usagi or at least, her semi-transparent astral projection tried to convince Unit Zero not to let Tanizaki. However the very suggestion of deliberately disobeying her master only made her more fearful. What did manage to get through was the fact that Usagi wasn’t trying to force the issue, but allow her to choose for herself. She was forced to leave and the sound of people approaching. She attempted to appear before her again later, but Zero had been subjected to Melinoe’s nightmares so her presence caused an uncontrollable fear. In a burst of panic, she attacked Sailor Moon's astral projection shattering it into a thousand pieces. When she was hurled violently back into the realm Serenity rushed to her side and cradled the fallen girl's head in her lap. She attempted to explain what happened but her mother just told her to rest.

In Chapter 17: Before the Dawn, The damage Usagi took from Unit Zero shattering of her astral projection was severe. While the recovery was slow the constant influx of magical power from Tuxedo Kamen and Chibiusa had helped turn the tide. Queen Serenity not wanting her to go through that a second time asked if she’d planned on visiting her clone again. The fear Zero showed in her presence made Usagi realize that it was a bad idea so was attempting to wake up her real body. Despite Usagi’s protest Serenity gave all that she had left to help her. Usagi woke up to Mamoru and Naru watching over her. Naru was quick to wrap her in a frantic embrace, while Mamoru held her arm in a less-wild but no less supportive gesture. Naru rushed off to tell the others and when they rushed in Usagi couldn’t help but keep giving guilty looks at Ranma and Minako. Ranma figured that Usagi could take Unit Zero out of commission like she did to her by pulling on the Silver Crystal. Usagi agreed, but asked to speak to Minako and Ranma alone.

Usagi apologized to them both feeling as her attempts to save Unit Zero was the cause of their suffering. However neither of them blamed her. Even Ranma despite a part of him wanting to thrust some of his guilt on to her couldn’t do it as there was only one person to blame.

In Chapter 18: The Final Gambit, the Nerima Wrecking Crew, the Sailor Senshi along with five lemures, three daimons, a single droid and three youma gathered around Tuxedo Kamen who was carrying Sailor Moon on his back before racing to Tanizaki Heavy Industries. Kamen took the opportunity to make sure Moon was alright. Moon revealed to him that she had figured out what to do about Unit Zero. Tuxedo Kamen could hear apprehension in her words. Whatever conclusion she had reached, it was not something she'd chosen lightly. But beneath that apprehension he could hear her unflinching determination. He decided to trust that determination, to trust whatever decision she had made without pressing her any further. Despite Konatsu preventing the Nameless One from making its sacrifice it was still able to free itself by sacrificing its host Ekim, deciding that if it couldn't get free to consume everything, then at least it would destroy the world instead. The group scattered in different directions everyone running headlong with all the speed they possessed as huge tentacles crashed down from a portal in the sky. Kamen wasn’t able to escape the shockwave caused by the earthshaking impact causing him and moon to be blasted through a building. When she came to only to see the Senshi attacking the tentacles she was about to move to help only to be stopped by Ranma as to Tanazki. Despite her protest Ranma and Kamen were able to convince her that it was thing to do.

The three made it to Tanizaki's skyscraper where he was waiting to greet them. Ranma remained calm despite Tanizaki’s attempts at goading him. Sailor Moon climbed down off Tuxedo Kamen little sign of the weakness that had been affecting her, as the closer she got to Unit Zero the closer she got to the Silver Crystal. Ignoring Tanizaki she tried once more to reason with Zero only to quickly be stopped by Tazinaki who ordered the clone to kill her. Raising the Silver Crystal she began to charge an attack of immense magical might only to crumple to one knee and doubled over as Usagi called forth her Eternal Moon Princess form. Even with the clone holding the tighter connection to the Silver Crystal, the true Sailor Moon was still far more adept at its use. Despite fighting at a disadvantage in the tug-of-war over the crystal's magic, she had still achieved the more powerful transformation. In desperation Zero attempted to duplicate Sailor Moon's feat by brute force resulting in violent bloody transformation. Ignoring the pain Zero was about to attack only to be tackled by Moon and yanked skyward as the impact propelled them both off the roof.

After kicking Moon off of her Unit Zero flew after her double, unleashing magic as she went. Zero attacked relentlessly the world around her erupted into a sea of titanic explosions that she swerved around even as they expanded, filling her entire vision with white. Moon begged Zero to trust her but as devastation rained she realized that words just weren’t going to reach the terrified Unit Zero. Even though it pained her to do so, Sailor Moon forced herself to go on the attack. Her chest heaving with near-hysterical sobs, Unit Zero flew at her double in a crazed fury, bloodstained wings propelling her forward with blinding speed as the two of them clashed again and again. Their battle destroyed everything in their path, buildings collapsing, torn to shreds or vaporized in their wake. Even when she reached the limits of what even her desperate efforts could sustain her only thought was not going back to the way she'd been before, as even death was preferable to the emptiness. So even as she started coughing up blood Zero kept up the assault focusing everything she had into last attempt. Realizing what she was about to do Sailor Moon sent Zero plummeting to the shattered remains of the street with a wave of pure force. With tears in her eyes Moon went to her clone who was desperately clutching the crystal and tried once again to convince her that she could help. Unable to comprehend, the clone continued to retreat her attacks all but harmless. In a last act of frightened desperation, the clone curled herself into a fetal ball, wrapping herself tight around the Silver Crystal and clenching her eyes shut. Instead of the Silver Crystal being wrenched away, what she felt instead was the gentle touch of a hand on her shoulder. With a soothing voice Moon told her clone that she needed the crystal to make sure she would never be hurt again. With no other choice Unit Zero gave the crystal to Sailor Moon who with a scream of pure agony proceeded to break it in half and give it to Zero, allowing the clone a chance to live without stealing Usagi's own crystal. Tears welled up in the clone's eyes, and she lunged forward burying her face against Sailor Moon and bawling uncontrollably as she clung to her white dress. Sailor Moon wrapped her arms around the girl in reply, holding her while gently stroking her hair, until the exhausted clone finally fell asleep. Moon had little time to celebrate as she knew that Tanizaki still had to be dealt with. So after the crystal stabilize she made her way back towards the skyscraper.

With the damage to the Silver Crystal it was taking all her willpower merely to hold her magic steady so she didn’t risk getting close to Tanizaki. Kamen tried to warn her of something only to be kicked in the chest. Seeing this she uses all her power to incinerate his very atoms before going to check on Kamen who only had enough strength to warn her. Tanizaki used a pressure point to incapacitate her so her could take the crystal. He became livid when he saw what she did. With a howl of rage he kicked her in the chest, cracking bone and flinging her away. Luckily she was saved by the arrival of Mousse, Ryoga, Beneda and Ranma. Tanizaki’s pressure-point attack was tearing her apart from the inside out Beneda couldn’t figure out how to counter it and not even Kamen’s healing magic worked. In desperation Beneda decided that the only way to save her was to kill her then bring her back to life using cpr. The irony of Beneda's desperate plan culminating in her saving Sailor Moon's life was noted.


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